1st-dress.com: All You Need To Know
Q: How far ahead of time do I need to order my dress?Top

Normally you can place the order 21 days(business days)earlier than your event date. However, we still highly suggest that for Wedding Dresses placing the order at least 6 weeks in advance, while, for wedding party dresses and special occasion dress a minimum of 5 weeks, because these are made-to-order dresses, the delivery time requires nearly a month: 8-16 business days’ processing period plus 3-5 business days’ shipping time. Sure, we offer the rush order service, with reasonable extra charges, your order can be finished 5 days ahead of time, which means the processing period will be shorten to 8-11 days.

We all know that, the dress should be and must be perfect on your big day, we take it as seriously as you do, and an adequateprocessing time is the guarantee for a perfect dress, thank you very much for your understanding.

Note: The exact shipping time depends on the shipping methods and carriers you have chosen.
Q: What should I do if I want to cancel an order or return a dress?Top

As you know these dresses are made-to-order, even for the standard size ones. Once your payment is confirmed, our tailors start to select and cut material according your size and your special needs, so it is a tailor-made dress only for you. For this reason, the cancellation and return policy will be stricter than that for other items, so please think twice before you place an order. Learn more, please refer to our Return Policy and Exchange Policy

Q: Can I change the style / fabric / length of the dress I want to order?Top

We are sorry that, the answer is NO. Because each dress is made in strict accordance with the pictures you have seen, thus we are afraid that it is impossible to modify the style, fabric or length of each dress as the pictures shown. But, the good news is that we 1st-dress provide over 5,000 dresses in different styles, colors and length. We believe that you may find your dream dress with the help of the “filter by” search function on the left side of each dress category’s main page. Just a few seconds, give it a shot, you won’t regret.

Q:Would my dress color be exactly the same as the one I have seen on your website?Top

Normally they should be the same, however, a slight difference (aberration) might exist between the actual dress color and the one’s you have seen in the pictures, as you know, the showing color of the images depends on the screen’s display setting and the screen resolutions.

Q:Could I customize the dress if the standard size can’t work?Top

Sure! We offer this kind of service! If the standard size is not good enough, you can take the customized measurements and then we will make you a tailor-made dress especially for you, naturally, a reasonable extra charge is required for this special service.The customizing service costs: 1) for wedding dresses is 19.99 USD; 2) for bridesmaid, mother of the bride dresses is also 19.99 USD; 3) for junior bridesmaid dresses is 17.99 USD; 4) for flower girl dresses is 13.99 USD.

Note: For customized dresses the right and proper measurements is very crucial. Don’t know how to measure? Check out here.
Q: What if I need to alter the dress, is there any size buffers or allowance?Top

Don’t worry, for we always leave a few inches in the seams, in case the dress can’t fit perfectly on you, so you can make small changes and modify it to fit you nicely. And we suggest letting the local tailor to do this job for you, it won’t take too much trouble. How many inches will we leave? Generally, 1 inch on each side of a seam will be left. As for the flower detailing,beadings or sashes & ribbons may limit ability to let a dress out.

Q: What kind of fabric does 1st-dress use on the dresses?Top

You have our guarantee that all the fabrics used are the high-quality and fine textured ones.


a sheer textile made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. It is defined by the type of weave, twist and weight of the yarns used. Chiffon fabric is usually used for overlays, sleeves and jackets or wraps.


a sheer, transparent fabric that is created by using nylon, polyester, and silk or a blend of any of the three. We choose the Chinese Organza, which is made from silk filaments. Commonly used for overlays, sleeves and as embellishment


a shiny fabric made from silk, nylon, rayon and polyester, commonly used in dresses

Elastic Satin:

smooth, silky satin with a shiny front and matte back

Matte Satin:

soft, subtle shine and a smooth surface; similar to elastic satin but less prone to wrinkles


a luxury fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers such as nylon, it has a crisp feel and a shiny smooth surface. Popularly used in gowns’ crafting.


a web-like netting made of silk, nylon, or rayon, perfect for veils, wedding dresses, embellishments, tutu skirts, and much more. ( think of wedding veils or ballet tutu)

Q: What does made-to-order mean?Top

It means that all the dresses in our website, both of standard size and custom size, are tailored only for you, once your payment is confirmed our tailors will start to make the dress for you, that is, we don’t have a factory full of machine made dresses, on the contrary, they are all crafted by our experienced and skillful tailors.

Q: What is the tailoring time for my made-to-order dress?Top

You have two choices: standard tailoring time and rush order tailoring time

Standard tailoring time 8-16 days

Rush order tailoring time 8-11 days

Q: Can I change my size after I placed my order?Top

We are sorry that there is no change of sizes after the confirmation of payment. Please understand that we are not just pulling the dress out of a depot full of machine-made dresses. Our professional tailors start selecting materials in the color you requested and cutting fabric based on your measurements after the confirmation of your payment. Even standard size dresses are made-to-order for each customer. In the favor of our precious customers, we’ve got certain ways under certain circumstances to solve this problem. If you really need to change the size of your dress, you are going to have to cancel your order and place a new one. By canceling within 24 hours of payment confirmation, there will be no extra charges. By canceling after 24 hours of payment confirmation, there will be a certain amount of charges. View our Canceling Policy for information.

Q: How to check my dress' tailoring status?Top

Log in your account at 1st-dress, check “My Account” to find your dress’ tailoring status; or you can also get the information by contacting with our customer service department by E-Mail or Live Chat.

Q: Can I request color samples or color swatches?Top

We are afraid that we can’t provide this service, but there’s no need to worry about getting the wrong color, because we have got all the colors in our color chart shot in our own studio by our own professional photographers. We can assure you that as long as you choose a color from our chart and confirm with our customer service, you won’t get the wrong color dress,expect the difference caused by the monitor displaying.

Q: Do you have any Australia standard size chart?Top

Sorry, we don’t provide Australia standard size currently. But we have got US standard size, UK standard size, and European standard size, please check out the one is suitable for you. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Q: I tried standard size 8 wedding dress in a local shop, does that match your size 8?Top

Generally speaking, they can match, but before you make the order please check our size chart to make sure that we are talking about the same size, thanks.

Q: Where can I add the special requests, such as the belt color?Top

You can add them in the check out page easily, just a few clicks.

Q: What if I can't find the color I like in the color chart, can I choose the color in the original pictures?Top

We are sorry that you have to choose the color in our color chart, for the reason that we 1st-dress aims to provide you with latest fashion and newest design products excellent in quality and reasonable in price, we may refer to some resources from the Internet, therefore, there may be some difference between the pictures’ color and the one in our color chart; moreover, the color shown on the pictures depends on the screen settings of your computers, tablet, etc. In order to provide the right color dress and eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings, we choose the fabric color according to our own color chart ( there’s no need to worry about getting the wrong color, because we have got all the colors in our color chart shot in our own studio by our own professional photographers ). Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated!

Q: How could you tailor dresses with the length of mini/short, knee-length, tea-length and ankle-length when you just collect a hollow to floor measurement?Top

There’s no need to worry about this, either. With the hollow to floor measurement, our professional and skillful tailors will calculate out effortlessly the exact length that you need when you wear a mini/short skirt, a knee-length skirt, etc. Please set your mind at ease, we will handle this for you.

Q: Which kind of zipper will I have in my dress, visible ones or invisible ones?Top

Both of them. We assure you that every single zipper of 1st-dress is with strong and durable quality, and most importantly, it is selected carefully to match each dress by taking its overall design and style into consideration.

Visible zippers:

They are wider but hidden behind a tab of fabric. They are reinforced at the top with a metal hook that clasps through either a metal or fabric ring.

Invisible zippers:

They are hidden inside a seam and use a discrete pull tab in order to blend in with the lines of the dress