Where can I find discount wedding dress

A tight budget should not limit you from your dream wedding dress. With some creativity, a little alteration and good old shopping savvy, you can get your hands on discount bridal gowns that look just as stunning as their expensive counterparts. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying discount bridal wear.

Know where to look. There are discount bridal gowns in almost every wedding apparel store. Ask the sales associate to lead you to them – they’re usually tucked in the back rows. There are also specialty wedding stores that carry bargain gowns from past seasons. Depending on the style and fabric, you can get beautiful designer dresses for as low as $300.

Ask your married friends where they got their dresses – they may be able to give you a useful recommendation or two. If you don’t have anyone to consult, use the Internet and the Yellow Pages to locate the discount bridal gown dealers nearest you.

Timing is key. Designer gowns generally move from the couture display to the discount section for two reasons: the designer discontinues the style, or the designer has introduced a new collection. Timing is therefore very important! There are plenty of discount bridal gowns during the summer and towards the end of the year, when designers are in transition from one collection to another. If you are lucky enough to have at least six months to prepare for your wedding, then you have better chances of scoring a beautiful bridal gown at a discount.

Be creative. Add a little personal touch to your discount designer gown by embellishing it with lace or sequin details (either by yourself or professionally, for a minimum cost). Enhancing the look of your gown will not only give it extra sizzle, but also turn it from a run-of-the-mill design to a one-of-a-kind creation.

One last reminder: Remember that some gowns are put on the bargain rack because of their weird sizing or because of some imperfections (such as buttons falling off, zippers coming undone, etc). You can easily remedy these defects by bringing your gown to a trusted seamstress.