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Tips of Choose Perfect Wedding Dress

Strapless Mermaid Bridal GownNo matter you are a girl or a boy, I believe each of you know what is stunning wedding dress, especially the girls. But few of them know the style of stunning wedding dress. Let me introduce some style stunning wedding dress for you.

A-line stunning wedding dress( long-shape stunning wedding dress). A-line stunning wedding dress is look like the English word A, above the waist of stunning wedding dress is tight and narrow, lower body is wide. A-line stunning wedding dress make the waist looked not quite clear, A-line stunning wedding dress make the whole body have the sense of a line from top to the bottom, this style stunning wedding dress will shape the bride more taller, so this style stunning wedding dress is popular.

Fitted style stunning wedding dress. This style stunning wedding dress is personal pattern, personal pattern stunning wedding dress make the bride looked elegant and noble, if bride wears this style stunning wedding dress in a small and a delicate field to hold the wedding, this stunning wedding dress will make the bride more noble.
Jeweled wedding dress
Princess line(elegant) stunning wedding dress, this style stunning wedding dress above the waist is closed-fit, under the waist, the dress is nature extended. This style stunning wedding dress is really common. This style stunning wedding dress can match different even according different design of the stunning wedding dress’s.

Crinoline skirt pattern(gorgeous) stunning wedding dress, this style stunning wedding dress’s design looks like a big ben, if the bride wearing this stunning wedding dress, the stunning wedding dress will shine the bride and make her looked gorgeous.

Mermaid stunning wedding dress. http://www.1st-dress.com/ This style wedding dress is like a mermaid, if the bride wearing this stunning wedding dress one her’s wedding, the stunning wedding dress will make the bride the brightest and the most beautiful one.



Romantic Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is popular and favorite by young couples.  The destination wedding is not just only wedding. It also means travel and adventure.

If you have a destination, you have to get a perfect wedding plan.

Elegant Flowing Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

  • Purchase your wedding things with your vendor and planers to make everything is prepare. Also book the hotel.
  • Selection Necessitate guest list. Please remember invite only your nearest and dearest, if you plan on inviting anyone at all! After all, pictures and videos of the event go a long way.
  • Your wedding destination can double as your honeymoon destination! Considerably more glamorous than a local hotel, and it gives you the perfect excuse to return for future wedding anniversaries!
  • Of course, they provide a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved to escape from their daily routine. Just in case you needed more convincing.

Hope you have a good destination wedding.

From www.1st-dress.com

Tips of Plus Size Wedding Dresses at 1st-dress.com

Many brides say they feel frustrate when to choose their wedding dress, because they are plus-size curvy. To make sure your wedding dress shopping is correct, please remember these 3 tips.


Educate Yourself
You must be knowledgeable when going plus-size dress shopping. Get familiar with different necklines, dress silhouettes and what looks good on you (and what doesn’t). Study up on bridal designers, fabrics and cuts that complement your shape and body. And know your size and dimensions — it will make things much easier!

Romantic Sweetheart Empire Plus Size Wedding Dresses Chicago

Try It On
Seeing a dress hanging on a rack and trying to determine if it will look good on you by just looking at it isn’t helping you at all. You have to see how it will look on you, feel how it hugs your curves or doesn’t hug your curves. You never know it might just turn out to be the one!

Pretty Taffeta Plus Size Bridal Gown with Corset

Don’t Settle
Your dress is out there! And don’t let anyone make you settle for something you don’t like or didn’t want. If it’s not in one place, visit another (and another) if you have to. You have to keep looking because the minute you settle, you won’t be happy and everyone will know it. Of cause, you can order a wedding dress online store. If it is possible, you can choose custom made service. The dress will fit you more suitable.


Backless Wedding Dress at 1st-Dress.Com

Backless wedding dresses are very on trend. And whether it’s completely open in the back, partially so or just the illusion of an open back with lace detailing, you’ll likely want to show off that sexy back! Do you also love backless style dress as your wedding dress?

Here are a few backless wedding dresses.

  • Champagne Sheath High Neck Wedding Dresses with Low Back
  • Black Open Back Sexy Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves
  • Sexy Beach Destination Wedding Gown with Backless 1967

Choose White Wedding Dresses

White wedding gowns became popular after 1840 when Queen Victoria of England married Albert of Saxe-Coburg. Victoria wore a white gown trimmed in lace. Brides in England and North America soon followed her example.

White Delicate Long Sweetheart Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Bridal gowns come in hundreds of shades of white. In terms of general categories, you’ll find “diamond white,” also known as “silk white,” and light, medium, and dark ivory, but these vary quite a bit depending on the designer. Most gowns don’t actually come in pure white, which is good because it washes out all but the darkest skin tones. Sometimes the material also has an unbecoming bluish cast. Diamond white, which is a little creamier, is the most popular choice and looks great with most complexions. Perfect Strapless Lace Wedding Gowns with TrainLight ivory is also fairly universally flattering. If you’re pale, medium to dark ivory can provide a nice contrast that will help brighten up the skin. Always try on dresses in a few different shades to determine what looks best on you.

Beautiful Black Wedding Dress

All the wedding dresses are white or ivory? No, it is incorrect. Black color wedding dresses are also popular in nowadays.

Today, I want introduce several style black wedding dresses.

  • Romantic Sweetheart Black Tulle Black Wedding Dress with TrainThis style features sweetheart neckline, a-line skirt with normal train. Soft tulle material make the dress look fantastic.
  • Black One Shoulder Tulle Short Wedding DressesThis Knee length short style black wedding dress made in tulle material. One Shoulder neckline look elegant.
  • Black and White Short Beach Wedding Dress with High-low HemIf you will hold wedding on beach, choose this style. It is simple.

More style,please visit http://www.1st-dress.com.