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Choose Beautiful Prom Dresses in 2017

The prom is just around the corner, the primary consideration is prom dresses. Every lady want to look fabulous and stunning at prom party, what you need is finding a right prom dress to flatter your figure and personality. Here are some tips help you to look like celebrities at prom night.

Pretty Short Prom Dress 2017

Firstly, always plan a budget. Ask your parents how much money they want spend on your prom dress, make sure you choose prom dresses under budget. Because you still need to match accessories, heels, and have hair done.

Do some research before shopping. Make sure you have the idea of what kind prom dresses you are interested in. you can check the internet or magazines, remember the trendy is not always good choice. Most prom dresses are not chic but still classy. Make a list of prom gowns you loved, and try on them at store.

Start at early time but not too early, the perfect time is two months before prom event. So you will have enough time to make preparation and alteration. And most shop has offered customize services which need much longer time.

Prom dresses lengths are in different ways. Short length which above the knee is designed for cute girls, it’s very popular for homecoming night. Tea length prom gowns are vintage, and it’s perfect for the lady who wants to show off ankles. Floor length prom dresses are traditional and formal style, its ideal choice for short lady who want to hide legs. No matter what length you will go for, make sure it’s match the party theme.

Modest Long Lace Black Formal Evening Party Dress

A-line prom dresses are most popular for majority school girls, and it’s the best silhouette to flatter every kind figure. Mermaid prom gowns are fancy and charming; it’s designed for the curved women who have a hourglass body shape. With difference cuts on same silhouette prom gowns, you will have different feelings when wear it.

The color of prom dresses tells people your personality. Red colors are very attractive, it can show you are fashion and bold. Pinks colors are very sweet, it’s tell people that you are purity. No matter which color you will choose, make sure it’s flatter your skin tone.

Remember to bring your heels and accessories when shopping prom dresses. Remember to keep smiling at the party, you will be the queen!

Beautiful Prom Dresses Tips

It’s overwhelmed after choosing prom dresses. There are so many different styles to pick up, and you just wondered why a certain beautiful prom dress looks stunning on other people but looked bad on you? The answer is different people have different taste, figures and skin tones. Here are some tips may help you to get your right prom gowns much easier.

Beautiful Lace High Low Prom Dress 2016

Firstly, the main reason you check on many dress stores is price. Many online stores have beautiful prom dresses but in sales promotion. sometimes we believe“ what you pay ,what you get”, but many designer prom gowns brand are much expensive than dress itself. To get the right and cheap prom dress, you should check on internet before.

Try on different prom dresses before make decision. A-line prom gowns are almost flattering every body shape, mermaid prom dresses are perfect for curved women. If you are small and petite, you can try on sheath prom gowns.

2016 Romantic Black Dress with Detachable Train

Sweetheart and V-Neckline are perfect for busty girls. Off the shoulder prom gowns are elegance and special, it’s perfect for the women who have narrow shoulders. One straps prom dresses are the best style for big shoulder women.

The lengths of prom dresses are in floor length and short length. Full length prom dresses are formal and graceful. Short prom gowns are less formal and appropriate for dance party such as homecoming.

Classic Navy Blue Sheath Prom Dress with Short Sleeves

Does you prom party have a theme? Make sure the color you choose are matching the prom theme. for example , if the event theme is “under the beach”, then you can choose the prom dress color similar with beach such as champagne ,gold .Or you can go with the sea color such as sky blue, ice blue, tiffany blue.etc.

If you have made decision of the prom dress, take a picture of the dress on because many prom parties have photograph process. So you will make sure how captured you are in the photo.

At last, make sure you start at early, so you will have enough time to prepare accessories.

Short Prom Dress as Your Perfect Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is very important in teenager’s life. For go to a homecoming party, a appropriate dress is really really important. A perfect dress could show out your body shape and your personality. Choose a perfect homecoming dress is the key for a prom.

Sweet Modest Sky Blue Homecoming GownSuper Sweet Red Homecoming Gown 2016Lovely Cheap Pink Strapless Chiffon Short Homecoming DressCute Burgundy Short Homecoming Dresses

A short prom dress is very popular in nowadays. Most girls are still like simple and elegance. These kind of dresses are suitable for all kind of body shape. Lace appliqué, illusion necklines, open backs, cap sleeves are most popular fashion factor. So you can choose a beautiful dress with one of these fashion factor.



Perfect Quinceanera Ball Gown Dresses

Every girl want have a perfect quinceanera party! Sweet 15 is speical and important for them. What is to wear? Keep in mind “suitable is the best”. Not the more expensive the better, suitable is the best. Beat Quinceanera Dresses at 1st-dress.comThese cute quinceanera ball gowns are below $200, but they are still look perfect on model.  Defferent style has different taste. Blue and white color is very popular amoung the girl. Sweetheart suite for all the body shape girl. So if you do not know which neckline suit you, now it is simple, just choose a sweetheart neckline. If you are a plus size girl, why you do not try lilac color ball gown. The short jacket will help you cover the redundant meat!

Pretty Cheap Graduation Party Gowns at 1st-dress.com

May and June are graduation party season. After busy study all the girls and boys need a party to relax. What to wear in the party? The boys are easy to find the clothes, they can wear suits. But for girl what to wear? The graduation party is semi-formal party, so you can choose formal dress or informal dress, it depends on you. Romantic-Coral-One-Shoulder-Long-Graduation-Dresses-for-High-School-2013-3970-p-2-1388767096It is informal party, so the dress you can choose floor length or mini length dress. In the floor length dress you will look solemn and graceful. If you feel long dress is too cumbersome, then how about short length graduation party dress? Different length graduation party dress will take you different feeling. At last, you should consider the party theme to choose. We offer different length cheap graduation party dresses. Our goal is to save money for our clients. Welcome to our online store.

Beautiful Cocktail Dresses for Juniors

Juniors party is first party for each girl and boy. Every girl want look pretty for her big first party. They want to show the best side to each other. This is the first time they spend time outside of school.  Buy a perfect prom dress is very important.


How to choose a perfect junior cocktail dress? First, you should like the dress. If you do not like the style, although the dress is pretty, you will still feel not good. They need a dress could give them more confidence. Secondly, choose your junior cocktail dress 1-2 weeks ahead of the party. The dress may has problem, you need guarantee you have enough time to handle this problem. Thirdly, pay attention the color. The color should suit flatter your skin. Fourthly, because your are juniors, so choose a short dress is more suit your age. The short cocktail dress is more cute and lovely. Hope this article could help you!

How to Pick up Mother of the Bride Dress

It’s the proudest day which your daughter’s wedding day. As the bride’s mother, you should be the second dressed up person at the wedding. Of course, the bride is the center of the wedding. Your dress can’t cover the brightly of wedding dress. The mother of the bride dresses should match the wedding theme. Otherwise, there has plenty choice when shopping for mother dress.


straps maternity wedding dressesThe color of the mother dresses is the most important consideration. You can’t wear same color dress as brides’ gown. And it’s also make you overwhelmed if you choose a wedding guest color dress. You should choose a color which matches the rest of wedding party. Blue mother dress is always stunning at the wedding party. Fuchsia or yellow colors absolutely make you standing out at the wedding. No matter what color you have chosen, make sure the color will falter your skin.

The models of mother dresses are varieties at these years. Full length layered mother of the bride dress will make you looked difference with wedding guest. For formal wedding, you can choose any silhouette A-line, mermaid, column. These mothers of the bride dress usually in floor length. And you can match a jacket to enhance the formality of the dress. Knee length or short length mother dress is less formal but causal, it’s the perfect choice for beach wedding party. A covered shawl or wrap is perfect for night party and keep warm.

Elegant Sweetheart Chiffon Mother of Groom Party Dress with Lace Jacket

You should start to choose the dress before 3-4 months before the wedding. Or once the bride’s wedding dress is ordered, mother dress and bridesmaid dresses are also need to start. Don’t choose the dress in rush time. And don’t choose the dress because the brides asked, you should choose the dress cause you love it.

No matter what the final decision you have made, make sure you talked with bride. It’s her wedding day and she usually supports all the decision of mom. The beauty of the mother of the bride will enhance the wedding party and wedding photos.

How to Choose A Elegant Dress

Every girl want be a focus in the party. They want be a queen or a princess. How to realize this dream? For normal students, they do not want spend a lot of money on a dress, because they have too many party in the future. Cute Low Back Little Black Party DressesThey could not wear a same expensive dress attend these party. So how to choose a beautiful and cheap prices dress? A suitable evening dress requires no only occasions, but also styles, size, color and so on.Why do not choose a little black dress?  The little black dress is timeless and simple. You can wear to any occasion.

2013 prom dresses popular categories

You can find a lot of concerns facing a girl attending prom in 2013 Prom dresses are readily accessible, but which really should you decide on? Which styles are hot this year? Most importantly of all, are you going to be wearing the same dress as someone else!?

To assist you we’ve currently narrowed down 7 Popular style trends you will would like to spend consideration to for the 2013 prom dresses:

1. Long prom dresses


This trend is usually an offered, as prom is a formal event. You could not know this, but long skirts are often a regular for formal events. This really is due to the fact girls happen to be wearing long-skirted dresses at events for example balls for a huge selection of year’s so it really is turning into the norm.

2. Mermaid prom dresses

http://www.1st-dress.com/images/201304/source/Lilac-Romantic-Mermaid-Prom-Dress-2013-with-Train-IMG_3244-1060-p-2-1366191650.JPGSo-called due to the fact these dresses have a curvaceous silhouette that look like a mermaid’s tail! Essentially the skirt tapers in at the knee and after that flares out towards the floor. This is a fantastic style for displaying off your figure and may also add curves to your frame if you’re skinny.

3. Asymmetrical prom dresses


This style is still in fashion and it is a wonderful a single to pick out if you would like to be sure that you happen to be looking one of a kind as these dresses have a tendency to appear rather edgy having a neckline that is not balanced.

4. Brief prom dresseshttp://www.1st-dress.com/images/201303/source/Romantic-Pink-Sweet-16-High-low-Prom-Dress-IMG_6826-740-b-1-1363539225.jpg

If extended skirts are not your thing though then you definitely can naturally decide on to go short. Many prom purists would argue that quick skirts are more acceptable for homecoming which is significantly less formal; however we are seeing an upsurge in the variety of girls wearing brief skirts to prom, so you won’t be alone.

5:. Sequins and glitterhttp://www.1st-dress.com/images/201305/source/Luxurious-Jewel-Short-Celebrity-Prom-Dress-GG1016-1234-p-2-1368264231.JPG

Some style experts mentioned that this trend was going out, however they were wrong! We’ve observed masses of glittery dresses on display at celebrity events and so you also will not go incorrect when you pick them and will also be eye-catching.

6. Strapless prom dresses


A timeless dress option for any prom.. We know these aren’t to everyone’s taste, but there aren’t a lot of couture dresses than a strapless sweetheart style should you can put on it without need the added assistance of straps. Just you’ll want to invest in a strapless bra then you’re very good to go.

7. Thigh-high slits in skirtshttp://www.1st-dress.com/images/201303/source/Spring-Pretty-Blue-One-Shoulder-High-Split-Prom-Dress-WD1-043-719-b-1-1363344043.jpg

You will absolutely reduce an impressive figure if you flash some leg and this style trend for 2013 prom dresses is truly daring! We’ve noticed this a lot in style shows and on celebs, so get in the action!