Is The Smaller The Bag The More Fashionable

Although the fashion trend with the ever-changing, I do not know when, filled with streets are all kinds of mini-packet and wild security color occupied. Many fashion street beat actresses, but also ignore their own physical characteristics, all with a mini bag, dressed in classic black and white ash, giving “thousands of people side” of the aesthetic fatigue.

CÉLINE swept the world’s Classic, Luggage, have been oversized! The past two years, from the show red to the streets of the Twisted Cabas and oversized Clasp, are “big and beautiful” model, but also became the limelight no two hot. However, although these packages have just come out to have countless fans, but oversized size is often only the first quarter, even after you want to buy, it is difficult to have a way to start, so big bag to get as early as possible!

Many people have a lot of misunderstanding of large bags – or heavy weight, or body clumsy, and CÉLINE large handbag is not the case. And as a “explosion-making machine” of the French brand CÉLINE, not convergence trend. Since 2008 Phoebe Philo took over the brand began to print, CÉLINE almost every year launched a beautiful and practical large handbags, even the Philippine sister is also a “big bag” fans.

So what about the next big bag? 2017 winter show field, there has been a large package, it package as its name, even really called “BIG BAG”. Continuation of the CÉLINE aesthetic concept, set its classic handbag all the iconic elements in one. Handle design and Luggage series of the same strain, strong and durable design sense.

You will worry about her heavy weight, and CÉLINE is to make you unexpected: this is a large handbag selection of the entire production of leather, less a number of leather stitching handbag weight significantly reduced, soft leather can be a good fit the body curve Freely transform the style, and will not look cumbersome. And the selection of high-quality soft calfskin without artificial or chemical coating treatment, feels like just finished painted cream cream skin smooth, people put it down.

And this season, another Black Belt, also the same name in the quiet of a silent – it is indeed a big shoulder bag with a large bag. Compared to Big Bag, Black Belt is more casual and more unintentionally. Wide shoulder strap not only let it back up relaxed and comfortable, more perfect into the street style nowadays.

Black Belt addition to the conventional leather material, there are more casual canvas material can choose. Regardless of shopping or shopping out of shopping, “bag” it is not only not equipped with equipment, but also comfortable and type.

See these “big and beautiful” bag is not very heart In the “Vogue clothing and beauty” this season together to create short films in CÉLINE, is to make this season’s new handbags in nature, showing the most real beauty.

If you still hesitate to worry about their own hold oversize big bag, may wish to personally go to CÉLINE shop try something, maybe tried, will open their own new style. Click on the picture to make an appointment to the store experience. Not only can feel the first of these unique bags, but also a glimpse of the next quarter, new trends in women’s and handbags!