Several popular Homecoming Dresses style

So, you’ve been invited to 2013 homecoming. This exciting night out with your date can be amazing… Once you find the right dress. When looking for that homecoming dress that feels just right here are a few styles to consider:


1:The strapless dress

The strapless dress is a traditional choice for this type of event. It is most often featured in shorter homecoming dresses and fitted homecoming dresses. Because this type of neckline often exposes a maximum amount of skin, it should be balanced out by a more modest hemline. The neckline may be cut away to form a sweetheart neckline or it may be cut straight across.

Strapless Little Black Homecoming Dress

2:The cinched waist

The cinched waist is a style that has become increasingly popular within the last several years. It is characterized by the use of a belt or sash to emphasize a person’s natural waistline. This particular style can be ideal for plus sized homecoming dresses, because it creates the appearance of a natural waistline.

Sweet Royal Blue Short Homecoming Dress

3:Dresses that feature jewel tones

Dresses that feature jewel tones are especially popular this season, due to the more relaxed style of the semi formal event. The most popular colors include emerald green, ruby red, and amethyst. If a person chooses a different color of dress, she can still accessorize it with jewel tone accessories, like shoes, purses, or jewelry.

Strapless Short Homecoming Dress with Shawl

Finally, off the shoulder dress has made a huge comeback this season. A bare shoulder can create a look that is both sexy and sophisticated, while leaving something to the imagination. An off shoulder dress may feature the fabric loosely draped over one shoulder, or it may have a thin strap that reveals more of the shoulder.