Pretty Prom Dresses for Plus Size

Are you a plus size girl? Do you sad when you find your favorite style, but it doesn’t have your size? Do you know the tips how to choose plus size dress? Remember below tips,then you can choose perfect dress.

1. you should know your body shape,inverted triangle,column, triangle, apple, triangle, hourglass or full hourglass?

If your waist is the largest part, then you can choose prom dresses with horizontal, broadening necklines. Because horizontal and A-line can Take the emphasis away from your tummy and a horizontal girth. So remember choosing an A line or princess silhouette dress.

2. If your waist is normal,but your hips and thighs are significantly larger than your bust. Then you should try to emphasize waist. For example, you choose choose a waistband or sash. Also, for the color, you can choose a light color at upper body, then dark color at bottom. Catch peoples eyes up to the shoulders, face, neck and arms by using jewelry and accessories.

3. If your bust, waist, hips are almost same, then you should try to create the illusion of a smaller party. For example, you can choose a waistband or sash. Then choose a empire style to catch the guest’s eyes to the upper body.

As long as your remember above 3 tips, then you must could choose a perfect dress for your plus size body.