Myths and Truths About Bridal Gowns

There are many things that well-meaning people tell brides about wedding gowns. However, not all of them are accurate! Get the real scoop with these myths and truths about bridal gowns.

Myth: If you are losing weight, you should hold off on ordering your wedding gown until you reach your goal weight.

Truth: Many brides continue to shed pounds until the very last week before they tie the knot. If you wait too long, you will be limited in your options and have to pay rush delivery fees. The best course of action is to order your bridal gown within the normal time frame recommended by the bridal salon (usually a minimum of six months before you need it, sometimes longer). The bridal salon can inform the gown designer that you have been losing weight, and arrange to send in updated measurements closer to the time that they will begin cutting your gown. This way your dress order is in the queue, and you will get the best fit possible. Of course you should also plan on getting alterations, just as every bride does.

Myth: Heavier brides cannot wear strapless bridal gowns.

Truth: Strapless gowns often look fabulous on plus sized brides! A well made strapless gown has a lot of structure built into the bodice, which serves to keep everything lifted and smoothed out nicely. In addition, gowns with straps often draw attention to the upper arms, rather than away from them. Definitely give strapless bridal gowns a look, whether you are a size 2 or a size 22.

Myth: It is bad luck to let your fiance see your wedding dress before the wedding.

Truth: It is not bad luck, and in fact, some brides even bring their fiances with them to shop for their gowns. If you opt to do this, wait until later to shop for bridal jewelry and your veil so your fiance will still be surprised by your complete look. While it is not bad luck to share your dress, do keep in mind that it may detract from the specialness of the moment when he first lays eyes upon you coming down the aisle.

Myth: You should buy your wedding accessories as the same place as your bridal gown.

Truth: High end bridal designers have suggested retail prices for their gowns, so the prices are fairly consistent from one salon to the next, as long as they are an authorized retailer (and for your protection, you should only order a designer gown from a store that is authorized to carry the line). The same is not true of wedding accessories, and the prices can vary widely. Bridal salons tend to charge more for sets of bridal jewelry, veils, and headpieces than online retailers, so it really pays to do your homework and shop around.