How to Match Your Bridal Accessories to Your Wedding Dress

A gorgeous wedding dress should have equally gorgeous accessories. There are so many proper choices, but most of the bride doesn’t know how to make decision, follow your heart .so it’s really important to learn how to pick up your veil, shoes, gloves, etc to your wedding for wonderful results.

Since you begin to search for your wedding accessories, the first thing you need to keep in mind is your head and feet—wedding veil and wedding shoes. So the color is previously important. I know some brides even take the color chart with their shopping. But the results will be very normal and no suspense: ivory or white shoes you will wear. White and ivory does classic but they are not popular among these days’ brides. Lots of fashionable brides are fan of Tiffany blue, green, red shoes. It’s fantastic to add your attitude and personality in your wedding shoes, and also it will be worn in future after your wedding, it’s not just a wedding souvenir any more!



It’s also very important of your wedding dress style, for example, if you wear retro wedding gowns. Shining crystals and diamonds embellished the lace, and then your shoes should also have shining inspiration. If you wearing an elegant but charming chiffon casual beach wedding dress, you should consider a simple but fashionable high heel in light champagne or ivory color. Or if you wearing a classic but chic mermaid wedding dress that can show your slim , then you can consider a suitable shoes but with a little heel that can easy walk and looks elegant like a beautiful mermaid.


After the shoes, you need to match your wedding veil, of course the veil color still is important to your wedding, and the main color of the veil should same with your wedding dress, ivory or white. But these days brides are also in love with the fresh colors veil, that’s not mean the veil into colorful. Just some gorgeous fresh color to embellish the veil, like colorful beads at the lace edge, and please notice that these colors should match the wedding dress beads color and wedding shoes color . Different length has different results to the veil, the long train veil are amazing and suitable for elegant brides. The medium length wedding veil are luxurious and suitable for fashionable brides, the short wedding veil are lissome and suitable for cute brides.

There’s a fair tale about the brides wedding gloves that placing a lump of sugar into their wedding gloves would bring sweetness to their future life. Wedding gloves is another element to embellish your wedding. But remember that , if you wear a pair of gloves in your wedding , then your maid of honor gloves length should be same with yours or no longer than yours. Your wedding gloves should also match your wedding dress, if your wedding gown are made of simple satin , then your gloves could be add some beads or diamonds to make your wedding looks elegant but unforgettable.. if your bridal gown are heavily beaded or complicated lace material, then your gloves should be very simple like just satin or just tulle .there are different length of wedding gloves, such as fingerless glove, gauntlet glove, short glove, elbow glove and opera glove. you can decide it by your own style, the wedding gloves are also optional for brides in nowadays, but some times you want your wedding looks much formal and fashionable, then the wedding gloves is the key element to your wedding.


Wearing the stunning wedding gowns with perfect accessories are maybe not an easy thing, but you will absolutely to be a most beautiful bride cause you are the unique princess in your wedding day.