How to Choose the A-Line Wedding Dress for Fat Brides

Many fat brides often feel very depressed when they choose their wedding dresses, many styles will expose their body type, according to the problems about fat bride-elect encountered in the wedding process, I summed up a few taboo and share some suggestions for you.
Generally speaking, the fat MM select wedding gowns must pay attention to three points:
1, The design must be simple, not complicated too many lace or fold.
2, The design on the skirt must be A-line wedding dress, skirt as simple as possible, don’t not blindly follow the trend, never look the front with much wedding cake-style the cascading or lace decorated;
3 Halter gowns and the short one are taboo, never try.

There is a kind of A-line wedding dress can help you look the same as other slim brides and maybe even more beautiful.
Drop Waist Western Wedding Dress
The biggest advantage of A-line wedding dress is that it can hide some areas of the stomach. Its name originates from the shape of the dress which is fit ted around the bodice and flows out to the ground, resembling the letter A. It just flows smoothly from the bust to the floor. In this case, no matter how much fat around your waist, the dress can hide them. Of course if you are not an obese person.

What’s more, this kind of dress is also a good choice for big figured bride who has strong and thick arms and shoulder. A-line bridal gowns will not only cover the fat arms, but also create a beautiful shoulder.
Strapless Romantic 2013 Bridal Gown for Spring
Another advantage of the A-line style dress is that it is suitable for any body shape. The long lines of it not only create the illusion of height of the bride who is short in stature but also accentuate best features of plump bride and hide those she is not so fond of.

After you have decided what kind of dress to choose on your big day, the next thing you need to do is to find some suitable wedding accessories to match it. This task seems easier, right? Now, you can enjoy your shopping.