choosing wedding Shoes to match your wedding dress

Despite the many hustles that come with preparations for your wedding day you have to pay great attention to your full outfit on that auspicious day. Ensure that your choice of wedding dress matches your choice of shoes; even though the shoes may not capture the spotlight like your glamorous dress they still need to make a lasting statement. Since you are the hostess at your wedding day you may experience the need to be flexible, moving up and about; walking from one end to the other meeting the guests and celebrating your big day. For that reason and more you need to get the best wedding shoes that will ensure maximum comfort, are less tiring and give your feet no injuries like bunions. Be on the right track with your shopping list, buy your wedding shoes after you have made the desired pick of your wedding dress; this will eliminate any fashion mistakes like color irregularities.

If your wedding dress is of an unusual color then you should consider dying your shoes to match the dress; if this option doesn’t work well then try choosing nice colour friendly wedding shoes that blend well to achieve a fashionable look and not an awkward look.

Long length dresses show less of the shoes if you are more inclined to comfort then this type of wedding dress would be fine as you can flaunt any flat or slightly heeled shoes. Shorter wedding dresses show more of your legs; choose shoes that will deliver a nice view of your legs; high heeled shoes with ankle straps in this case accentuate the walking style making it more pronounced but remember to practice walks with the shoes prior the wedding day.
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Whites vary, if you opt to have both your dress and shoes in white, then you need identify the white that is on your wedding dress fabric; most bridal gowns come in diamond white and if the shoes you have chosen are a must have then a bridal rinse is ideal to help them tone and match with your dress.

Be uniquely optimistic, pick out shoe styles that will compliment your wedding dress; fancy shoe styles work well with a plain and simple gown whereas simple shoes balance with an elegant gown. Whatever order you choose, balance all embellishments and details on your entire outfit. Perhaps you love embellishments and details on both your gown and shoes then you shouldn’t give up on the perfect choice for matching dress and shoes; all you have to do is be keen, choose coordinating details for example, pearled dresses nicely work with beaded shoes.