How to choose your prom dress

More and more American high school girls want to have a deep memory of their prom night. So you want to be looked gorgeous, attractive and unique, then you must choose a perfect prom dress for your night!

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So the prom season is coming, how to choose your prom dress girls?

Firstly, you should prepare your dress several months before prom coming. Because it will take a long time to research the stylish but unique gown. Maybe there wasn’t a boy ask you for date, but you should read the fashion magazine, watch the fashion show. Then you will have a sense of stylish dress.

Secondly , as you already said “ I am the only star in this year prom “ , so you need to remember that don’t choose the popular or normal dress for your prom , so that you will see your classmate lily or Lucy wear the same dress with you , it’s awkward !

You should know that you are a student, not Oscar stars. So your gown shouldn’t cost so much money. You can find a special dress without much money. For example, you can alter the dress by yourself. If you think the dress too simple, then you can add a sash or belt to highlight the gown.

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You should know your own body shape before you buy the gown. I know most of the girls are slim, but if some girls who have an apple shape, and then you need to find empire dresses to cover your bust and belly. If some girls or pear body shape, then you should wear A-line or ball gown dresses to cover your rear and leg. So just remember to find a dress which most suitable for your body without too long.

For the color of the dress, you need to consider your skin and prom theme. You can try many colors of same style you have already liked, and ask your friend ideas.

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After you buy your prom gowns, you should match your jewels and shoes also .It’s better to wear the dress in shoes store, so that you can match your shoes better. Don’t wear too high heel shoes because you will have danced with your date boy.

At last, don’t lose weight too much because you bought the dress before one or two months ago, or that you can’t wear your dress.

After you have a deep research, I think you will get your perfect prom dress and have a fantastic memory in your prom night.