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A Girl’s Wedding Dream

Every time I go to school, I have to pass a wedding photo studio, always picking up a new wedding dress. I like beautiful skirts, this is something I have had since I was a child.

In the large floor-to-ceiling windows, there are always a few crowded hangers, hanging or red or white wedding dresses. The style is very beautiful, but it always feels cliché, which has not caught my attention. Until one day, it was a windy afternoon, the sun was lazy, and people felt a little sloppy, just in my glimpse – Oh, I almost screamed in surprise.

The display in the window was completely new: the large window, leaving only a hanger and a green gauze. It is the kind of green in early spring. The green color reveals the goose yellow. The texture of the green scorpion is explained by layers of tulle. Like the nascent willow fog, like fresh green apples, it attracts people’s eyes and green yarn. There are no enamel ornaments on the quality. Very common style – simple half-sleeve top, the bottom is a layer of scattered skirt like a goldfish tail, only a bright sun flower on the left shoulder, like the style of early spring – clean, clear, but not lost bright and beautiful.

The sun shone obliquely,through the layers of tulle, the filtered sunlight was slightly greenish. Behind the window, the orange light in the store reflects the milky white walls and becomes the backdrop of the hustle and bustle, just like Van Gogh’s Impressionist color painting. Outside the store, the same verdant branches swayed gently, dancing in the wind in the early spring, and the wind was also covered with green marks. Looking at the green wedding dress in front of me, I couldn’t help but smile – a veil was dyed green for the whole spring. So, what kind of bride will wear it in the future. Or, this is the wedding dress that is specially prepared for the flower god of spring.

New Styles of 2018 Wedding Dresses

Although the 2018 wedding fashion trend has already been flying, but I do not know which one is really included in your consideration? Maybe some of you who choose phobia, it is hard to say which one is your favorite? Fortunately, you still have me! launched the newest wedding dress that is worth trying in 2018!

  • 3D flowers

Beautiful brides and flowers that always represent beautiful and beautiful are always inseparable. The use of flowers in wedding dresses and dresses is also very frequent, and it is not difficult to have flowers. What is difficult is how to make new flowers. 3D stereoscopic flowers are becoming more and more common with the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion industry. Exquisite three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding alive. Different materials can be used in the production. For example, the mesh can also stretch the three-dimensional flowers layer by layer; or the grosgrain and gauze fabrics matched with the wedding dress are good choices. Designers will use a gradual approach to make these plausible flowers “drop” from intensive to scattered on the wedding dress, which is very rich in the overall layering.

  • Wonderland color

The white wedding dress is holy and pure, but the 2018 wedding theme will no longer be limited to white. The brides can choose more rich pastel colors according to their skin color and favorite styles. Deep champagne, light champagne, bare powder, gray blue… These low-saturation pastel wedding dresses can enhance your fairy temperament quietly. A touch of beauty, not inferior to the romance of a white wedding dress, will definitely make people shine.

  • One shoulder and shaped sleeves are good friends

For the attention and re-creation of the sleeves, there is no exception from the fashion industry to the wedding world. Especially this year, the sleeves are so hot, and the wedding design can’t be used well. Off-shoulder has always been one of the favorite styles of wedding dress designers. The female sexy clavicle and sleek shoulder line can be enlarged to perfection with one shoulder design.

Now, the one-shoulder shoulders and the sleeves of different shapes are combined with each other, and they have a completely different sense of style. For example, the cute and exaggerated princess puff sleeves, the hem of the ruffled wide sleeves, the court croissant sleeves… Even the most basic long sleeves will make the arms more slender and slender.

  • Tea Length Dress

Short skirts are playful but unsettled, and trailing skirts are imposing, but inevitably inconvenient. This year’s popular mid-length skirt wedding style, the inspiration is simply pulled out from the wardrobe of the screen goddess of the 50s. At that time, the length of the skirt just to the ankle was very popular, because it would reveal a nice ankle curve. Speaking of this, I can’t help but think of a generation of goddess Audrey Hepburn, the many skirts she passed through are just the right length.

But what I think must be paid attention to is that, in order to control this style, the length of the skirt is very subtle, and it must be different from person to person. After all, our personal height is different and the body proportion is different. Some styles may be stuck in the thickest position of the calf, which will not highlight your sexy ankles, but also cause the calves to look thicker, not worth the candle! Therefore, if you want to try this kind of retro classic that makes the bride reborn, you must be careful about the length of the skirt, remember to only reveal the most slender ankle part!

Choose Beach Wedding Dress Tips

It’s an important decision for any bride when choose the wedding dresses. And summer is the hot season for weddings; many brides have planned the wedding by beach. Beach wedding is relaxed and romantic, it’s your beautiful dream come true. Here are some incredible choices to help you pick up the beach wedding gown.

Ivory Beach Wedding Dresses Casual Summer

Firstly, you should make a budget. Beach wedding cost much than other weddings. Most beach wedding held abroad, you need to book tickets, hotels.etc. It’s not a wise decision to break bank after wedding. Beach wedding dress price are varies from hundreds to thousands or even much higher, there’s no need to throw out all your money on the dress which you just wear one time. Many online stores also sell stunning wedding dresses but affordable price.

You should have an imagination of your wedding like. Beach wedding is less formal and casual, but this is not means you can any style gowns as you want. You should consider the wedding ceremony, the climate and your body shape.

Empire Scoop Neck Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress With Ruffle Beadwork

A-line beach wedding dress are almost flatter every bride. Ball Gown wedding dresses obviously not style for beach wedding. With the society development, most people carry an open mind with pregnant before wedding. Then designers have many designed many styles gowns for maternity brides. Empire wedding dress is the perfect style for maternity brides. Some brides just lucky to have the perfect curved figure which like hourglass, this is the best shape to flatter the mermaid wedding dresses.

Regardless of beach wedding gowns style, you also should consider the fabric. Light weight, soft and easy breathing is the main consideration for beach gowns. Such as chiffon, tulle, organza and silk are all very good choice for beach wedding gowns.

Remember to match a cover shawl if you don’t want to burn by the sun, and it can keep you warm at evening party. Don’t wear too long veils, or it will be broken by sands. You should have fun and be creative when shopping your beach wedding gowns, just pick up the gown following your heart.


Perfect Wedding Theme and Color Idea

A perfect wedding should have a perfect wedding party plan. A perfect wedding plan, not only included the wedding theme, but also including color.


Today we want introduce several wedding theme and color idea.


First, decide your venue, then you can choose your wedding color theme according your venue. Wedding venue is the biggest choice in the wedding. If you ordered a venue, then you can according the venue color to decide the wedding color.

Then, please remember do not choose too much colors. The color shoulder less than 6 color. Too much colors will make the wedding mess.



How to choose a right pageant dress

It’s very difficult to fine a right dress to your pageant party. The perfect dress will highlight your personality, and help you gain on the stage. So you need to try your best to find the dress if you really care about. Here are some tips as below to help you get you perfect dress.


Attractive Halter Chiffon Pregnant Wedding Dress

Attractive Halter Chiffon Pregnant Wedding Dress

Firstly, you should make a budget. There’s no need to buy the pageant gown thousands dollars or thousands pounds. Just to choose a simple dress that can flatter you. Sometimes, more simple dress will gain more eye lights. That doesn’t means you just spent less than $50 can get the perfect dress. You should buy a dress that in reasonable price but with good quality.


Ivory Strapless Empire Flowy Wedding Dresses

Ivory Strapless Empire Flowy Wedding Dresses

Second, you should check lots of fashion magazine to know the trendy evening gowns. Every girl wants to be the winner at the stage, so choose the dress which is special is most important. The dress should make you looked stand out among all the girls.


The dress is special when you looked, but it may don’t flatter you when you wear it. Choose the dress which is special but also flattered you. All the girls on the stage are young and pretty. If you have a broad shoulders, one straps dress is the perfect choice. If you have a pair of long legs, a dress with long split at front will be perfect.


Empire Chiffon Maternity Bridal Dress With Low Back

Empire Chiffon Maternity Bridal Dress With Low Back

Don’t dress black color if the pageant is for teenagers. All the young girls are suitable for light color dress; you will be overwhelmed if wearing black dress on the stage. Choose the dress should be more trendy and chic color if the pageant is for young Miss Lady. You can also ask your mother or friends idea if you don’t know how to make decision.


You should consider the event date before you buy the gown. So you can combine your dress style with the season and mood. If this is winter pageant, choose the dress with feather element or heavy floral will enhance the theme.


Make sure the dress will make you comfortable. There will be much pressure no matter on the stage or back stage. Some pageant gown are with corset back for easy adjustment, but it will also complicated if you in hurry to take on and take off. So make sure the dress will easy get in and get off.


There’s no one dress can satisfied all the judge. Different people have different tastes with the dress. So the more important is that the dress can flatter your body shape and enhance your personality. With your confident smiling, you will be the winner!

How to choose your winter wedding dress

Although winter is cold, but many brides still wanted to have wedding in winter. Winter time has the best chance to tie your wedding with snow together. You can leave your special memory on the photos. So it’s important to choose a perfect wedding dress for your winter wedding.

Expensive Strapless Mermaid Winter Bridal Gown

Expensive Strapless Mermaid Winter Bridal Gown

You should know your wedding theme exactly before you choose wedding dress. Although wedding dress color mainly in white or ivory. But you can choose other some colors to enhance the wedding like purple sash or jacket.

No matter summer wedding or winter wedding, all the brides want to looks gorgeous and petite. Ball gown floor length wedding dress is the perfect style for winter wedding. It has plenty fabric on the bodice and skirt to keep you warm. It’s better to choose the wedding gown with sleeves or bolero to cover your bodice. If you have a big bust, then you can wear a sweetheart or v-neckline wedding dress to make your bust looks sexy. But please remember to wear a shawl to keep warm.

Noble Satin Winter Wedding Dress with Corset

Noble Satin Winter Wedding Dress with Corset

If your waist is much big, then you can choose an empire wedding dress. But choose the dress with has plenty ruffles or layers on the skirt, so that you will feel warmer.

Winter wedding dress fabric should heavy and hard, it can’t be easily flow out by wind. Taffeta or Matte satin fabric are the perfect choice for winter gown. You can wear a petticoat under the gown. As we all know that chiffon and tulle are soft and light weight, it’s better to make summer wedding dress. But if you insist in a chiffon wedding gown, you should ask the shop to add some warm fabric in the lining. It’s a pity that if you get gold on your wedding.

Noble Mermaid Winter Bridal Gown with Train

Noble Mermaid Winter Bridal Gown with Train

If the wedding held outdoor with snow, you should wear a warm enough jacket. If you’re wedding dress in white color, then you can wear a white feather jacket. If you don’t like the feather, then choose a similar fabric jacket which floor length like an outfit.

Boots is the perfect shoes for winter wedding. You can just choose a warm boots and socks similar color with your wedding.

Beautiful wedding dress with gorgeous snow, no matter what wedding dress you wearing, you will always sparkles at that day!

How to Select a Neckline Style For Your Wedding Dress

Brides everywhere are agonizing over which wedding dresses to choose in bridal stores. Don’t be one of them by researching important details like your gown’s neckline before
Making your purchase. Let’s explore neckline types and which could be more suitable for your shape:

The neckline you choose will be based on whether it is a flattering style for you and the size of your bust.

Sexy Halter Backless Summer Bridal Dress


This style is best for those who have broad shoulders and bad for brides with narrow shoulders. With straps that are wrapped around your neck, you can sometimes feel a little
bit suffocated especially if you are not used to wearing outfits with this style. However, it is also quite sexy in appearance as it features a low back.


Tasteful Off Shoulder Chiffon Maternity Wedding Dress With Ruffle

An off-the-shoulder style is a favorite not only among brides but also among debutantes because it is very sexy. Pear-shaped women can benefit from this neckline as it will
highlight their best features. If you are full-chested then this neckline can be a good choice. If you have fuller arms then stay away as it might not look too good on you.

If you are the conservative type then this is the neckline for you. It creates a bustier image so smaller-chested brides can often benefit from this. If you already have
Particularly large breasts then you may want to stay away from this look.


Red Backless Maternity Wedding Gown for Plus Size

If you really want to look great on your wedding day then choose this look. Strapless gowns are usually designed with a boned bodice to provide shapelier figure. Brides who have
well-toned arms can get away with this well. However, even the not so thin brides can opt for this neckline if they know how to carry their dress. Small-chested brides should
Stay away from this neckline both for aesthetic and practical purposes.


Sexy Chiffon Bohemian Beach Wedding Dress with Sleeves

As the name suggests, this neckline sports a front that is shaped like a V. If you have medium-sized chest and you want to show some cleavage then this is the ideal style for
you. However, you may want to stay away from this look if you are either small or large-chested.
Your choice of wedding dress neckline should go hand in hand with the design of your gown so make sure you consider how your choice would fit in with your over-all look for the

Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

There are many common mistakes brides make when they come wedding dress shopping – often because they are underprepared or unwilling to think beyond the ideal vision that they have in their head. But wedding dress shopping needn’t be stressful, or fruitless, or time-consuming. Here are our top 10 mistakes that brides make when shopping for a wedding dress – try to avoid these and you should be fine!

1. Not knowing their budget

Unless you really do have an unlimited amount to spend, you should have an idea of what you can afford. Obviously your budget will go a lot further if you choose to shop for discount wedding dresses, from a factory outlet or discount designer store, but you still need to know what your limit is.

2. Not considering extra costs

When you budget for your outfit, you need to remember that you will be wearing more than just a dress! You need to consider your shoes, underwear, a veil if you will be wearing one, any jewellery you don’t already own (I’m guessing most of us didn’t have a tiara before we got married!), and even your hair and make up should be included.

3. Bringing too many people

You should definitely bring someone. Many people bring their mum and a sister or a close friend. Whoever you choose, they should be people you trust to give an honest opinion but also not try to influence you to choose a dress they like rather than the one you like! Any more than two people and you’re going to end up with too many different viewpoints, which can get confusing for you. Besides, you want your wedding dress to be a surprise for as many people as possible on the big day!

4. Getting all made up to come wedding dress shopping

Okay, so wedding dress shopping feels more special than normal shopping, but there really is no need to get all dressed up for us! You should make sure that you are wearing a well-fitting bra if you are likely to need extra support under your wedding dress, but apart from that, casual is fine. In fact, we would prefer you didn’t wear any make up that could get smudged off on to the dresses.

5. Shopping too early (or too late!)

Shopping too late is less of a concern for shopping at wedding dress factory outlets, for example, as these dresses don’t need to be made from scratch for you, but you should still aim to leave enough time for any alterations. As for shopping too early, you really need to at least have the wedding date booked, and preferably the venue, as both of these decisions will influence what style of dress you choose. Also, if you aren’t ready to make the purchase, you could fall in love with a dress that isn’t available when you have the money ready.

6. Not having done a bit of research before

It’s all very well having an open mind as to what style of dress you want, but you should have some idea about what you like. Knowing your venue will help (beach weddings have a very different dress code to church weddings!), but take the time to look at some pictures and see what appeals to you. Perhaps you prefer plainer dresses to the more detailed ones, or a detachable train to a built in one. If you have no idea where to start, it can be a bit bewildering to look at all the wedding dresses on the rails!

7. Only trying one style on

Conversely, being adamant you will only try on white strapless ballgowns, may mean you miss out on a dress that would suit you more, as well as restricting your choice somewhat.

8. Trying to buy a smaller size saying “I’ll lose weight before the wedding”

It’s so easy to say, but not as easy to achieve, and while we’re not saying that you won’t lose weight before your big day, it is worth remembering that most dresses can be taken in by as many as four sizes without affecting the style. Letting a dress out is much more difficult, and if it is possible, you will only be able to let it out by one size. So choose a dress that fits now, and have it taken in when you lose that weight!

9. Forgetting they have to spend a whole day in the dress

This sounds obvious, but many people will try a dress on and decide to buy it without even trying to sit down in it. The wedding dress is for more than just the ceremony, so think about how comfortable it will be to wear while sitting down, eating and even dancing in. This is particularly important with corset style bodices that can be restricting, and fishtail dresses, which if too closely fitted can stop you being able to sit down at all!

10. Buying a dress you don’t love

This is YOUR dress. It should be the dress that you keep comparing all other dresses to (I still do this 4 years after my wedding, and so far, I still love my wedding dress more than any other!). Choosing a dress because it made your mother well up, or just because it has a coloured trim that will match the bridesmaid’s dresses is really not advisable. You aren’t planning to do this more than once, so make sure to buy the wedding dress of your dreams.



How to choose Wedding Dresses For Mature Brides

Picking out a wedding dress as an older bride is a vastly different experience to that of a younger bride. This probably isn’t that surprising when you consider younger people often have quite different tastes in clothing and fashion. As a result the bride will be more likely to opt for something that resonates with their own particular style as opposed to the type of dress we associate marriage with in a traditional sense.

Mature brides have often established their own sense of style by this stage of life and as a result will be less bound by typical wedding day traditions. In fact many mature brides may be remarrying and have already experienced a traditional wedding, although certainly not all mature brides have been through a divorce. As modern life dictates there is far more pressure to establish a career nowadays before getting married and starting a family and this has resulted in more people marrying later in life.

Modest Lace Mature Bridal Gowns with Keyhole

Choosing the Style

No mater how liberated you could possibly be, you’ll wish to adhere to certain conventions in regards to wearing wedding dresses. For a single factor, you wish your guests to smile at your selection of a classy, classic and compliment-worthy bridal attire, not sneers and jeers behind your back. For one more point, you could possibly have your children’s sensibilities to consider specially once you do not want them to feel embarrassed about their parent all more than again.

Beyond covering up suitable parts of the body, even so, you may choose from among quite a few wedding dresses that suit your personality and style. Should you be a lot more the attractive variety, then by all means go for a strapless dress but do keep in mind to keep the slit to a minimum. In case you are around the conservative side, then a dress with sleeves will do just fine but add small touches of youthfulness like a small sash about the waist. Just do not forget that significantly less is extra for most mature women.

Also, do remember that your body may have changed given that your early 20s and as such specific adjustments to your dress could be required. In the event you adhere for the “flatter your assets and hide your liabilities” rule in deciding upon any type of dress, then you definitely can choose the appropriate 1 from amongst a bevy of wedding dresses.

Ivory Mermaid Mature Bridal Gown with Corset

Choosing the Color

Currently, brides can choose to wear white or put on colored bridal dresses. Nobody will judge you so harshly on that point unless that person is envious of the happiness. Go
ahead and wear virginal white if you’d like or bright red when you so want.

Needless to say, deciding upon the colour of the wedding dress will in the end depend on what colour of the rainbow or what shade of white looks excellent on your skin tone. It is possible to choose vibrant hues like red and purple or off-white tan having a touch of color.

Yes, indeed, the choices for wedding dresses for a lot more mature brides are as varied as those for their younger counterparts. Thus, you could would like to bring along a trusted pal to deliver her truthful opinion about your initial selections.

Ivory Strapless Satin Mature Bride Wedding Dresses

In conclusion, it is usually ideal to comply with the adage about wedding dresses: When you wore it on your 1st wedding, skip it in your second and third and so on and so forth
weddings. Yes, even when the succeeding weddings are just renewal of vows using the same man, if only due to the fact your age as well as your physique could not be acceptable for the initial dress.

Elegant Wedding Dress Guide

Most women dream of having an elegant wedding dress for their special day from the time that they are young girls. When it comes time to begin shopping for a dress, however, they may feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of wedding dresses and accessories to choose from. How can you be sure that your dress and accessories are the epitome of elegance?

Finding the perfect wedding dress and the right accessories will depend largely on your individual taste. But by understanding the different styles and options that are available, it will be much easier for you to find elegant wedding dresses that live up to your childhood dreams.

Short Dress Featuring 3D Floral Appliques

Basque 2014 Spring Wedding Dress with Flower

You’ll be the picture of modern elegance when you walk down the aisle in the Short Dress Featuring 3D Floral Appliques. Alternating bands of satin and organza create a
contemporary effect, while the scattered floral appliques bring depth and beautiful texture to this unique dress. This bold strapless dress has an at-knee hem line and a hint of
vintage Hollywood glamour that will excite any fashionista. Fun and sexy, yet comfortable enough for all the dancing and activities that brides do, this is one purchase you
could never regret.
Strapless Faille Gown with Sweetheart Draped Bodice

     color chart Color Chart     size chart Size Chart     tubiao Measurement      tubiao4 Return Policy     quality guarantee Quality Guarantee     faqs FAQS      Tailoring Period: 10-15 Calendar days. See Details >>     Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar days. See Details >>  Sexy Beach Ball Gown Wedding Dress for Summer

In keeping with the latest trends in wedding gowns, the Strapless Faille Gown with Sweetheart Draped Bodice offers an asymmetrical hemline and stunning silhouette that will wow
even the most stout-hearted. A fabric flower at the waist showcases elegant layers for an interesting look, while the exquisitely draped sweetheart bodice will appeal to your
sense of fashion. The high-low style brings unique charm to this dress that truly presents a different take on wedding gown design.

Organza A-line Dress with Ribbon Detail

Exclusive Fall Formal 2013 Bridal Gowns with Lavender Sash

Flirty and elegant, the Organza A-line Dress with Ribbon Detail will turn heads wherever you go. The strapless A-line design will enhance a number of different sizes, while the
ribbon accents add a subtle shimmer for timeless beauty. The tea length adds unexpected appeal to this organza wedding dress that’s anything but traditional. The bow in the back
adds a perfect finishing touch to this stunning little gown that just won’t quit.

Satin Fit-and-Flare with Organza over Satin Skirt

Beautiful Sheath Wedding Dress for Petite

In the Satin Fit-and-Flare with Organza over Satin Skirt, you’ll feel as if you’re walking on air thanks to the cloud-like swirl skirt with full body. With trumpet style curves,
any side will be your good side while the chapel train creates an alluring effect your groom will love to see. Who can forget the beaded flower bodice that fades into modern
draping for a ravishing appearance you’ll be proud to show off? Stroll down to meet your future husband in an outfit that will take his breath away.

Modern One-Shoulder Pick-Up Gown

     color chart Color Chart     size chart Size Chart     tubiao Measurement      tubiao4 Return Policy     quality guarantee Quality Guarantee     faqs FAQS      Tailoring Period: 10-15 Calendar days. See Details >>     Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar days. See Details >>  Ivory Organza Junoesque Wedding Dresses with One Shoulder IMG_1394

Radiant and extravagant, the Modern One-Shoulder Pick-Up Gown will certainly make the crowd look twice. Full and flowing folds cascade down the pick-up skirt and into the chapel
train that will trail delicately behind you. The side drape will accent your curves, while the intricate embroidery makes this ball gown come alive. The perfect compromise
between modern and traditional, fresh and classic, this dress redefines bridal fashion as we know it.

Brides-to-be who are looking for elegant wedding dresses have so many options. Remember that elegance is in the eye of the beholder. The best way to find an elegant dress and complementary accessories is to keep an open mind and to try lots of different styles and looks. From dress silhouettes and necklines, to hair accessories and shoes, there are lots of ways to make a unique and elegant statement on your wedding day.