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Quinceanera Dresses

Winter Quinceanera Theme


What is theme you will use in winter for your quinceanera party? I want introduce a pretty winter quinceanera theme.

Cinderella Quince

Do you like your quinceanera like in the fairytale? In the fairytale everything is so romantic and beautiful.

Today, I will introduce quinceanera theme like “Cinderella” and “Frozen” film.

Color scheme:  Normally, these party themes are bright and fresh with sparkly light.  For example, blue, lilac or lavender. Of cause, you can also choose white color.


In “Cinderella” and “Frozen”, the decorations and landscape are so pretty.


Of cause, this party theme you could used year around. If you like these theme, why you do not try to use in your sweet 15 party.


How to Choose Quinceanera Dresses

Quinceanera marks the transition from childish to adulthood. How to choose quinceanera dress according body figure?

Sweet 2014 Pick-up Lace V-neckline 2014 Quinceanera Dresses

If your body shape is apple, remember don’t choose puffy skirt. Because full skirt will make your waistline larger. Why you don’t try a V-neckline with empire waistline dress? This kind of dress will help you hide your waist this weakness to creat more great body shape.

Beautiful Green Beaded Halter Organza baile de debutantes Ball Gown

If you are pear shape, you should transfer attention to the upper body. Beacuase the widest is around your hips. You can choose 2 pieces dress, the upper body should in light color, then skirt in dark color. People will attracted by your upper body.

Hourglass is the best body shape. You can wear whatever you want. Because you have golden ratio in shape.

Follow these tips to choose beautiful quinceanera dress, dress up yourselves like a princess.



Perfect Quinceanera Ball Gown Dresses

Every girl want have a perfect quinceanera party! Sweet 15 is speical and important for them. What is to wear? Keep in mind “suitable is the best”. Not the more expensive the better, suitable is the best. Beat Quinceanera Dresses at 1st-dress.comThese cute quinceanera ball gowns are below $200, but they are still look perfect on model.  Defferent style has different taste. Blue and white color is very popular amoung the girl. Sweetheart suite for all the body shape girl. So if you do not know which neckline suit you, now it is simple, just choose a sweetheart neckline. If you are a plus size girl, why you do not try lilac color ball gown. The short jacket will help you cover the redundant meat!

Pretty Quinceanera Dresses at

Normally, if you have a daughter and she going to fifteen years old, then her parents will hold a quinceanera party to celebrity her sweet fifteen. The tradition is have 15 boys and 14 girls.  The quinceanera dress is very important. In the traditional way, the girls wear a big, huge, puffy dress. There are so many color to choose. The white, blue, pink, yellow color quinceanera dresses are  very popular. Nowadays, colorful quinceanera dresses are especially very popular by girls.

Today I want introduce several popular colorful quinceanera dresses.

quinceanera dressesThese dresses have several same comment. 1. they are in the multi colors. 2. they are have strapless neckline. 3. they have puffy skirt.

Welcome to choose more colorful quinceanera dresses at

How to Choose Quinceanera Dress

Sweet 16 or sweet fifteen is a traditional ceremony in America and Latin America. It’s a formal event which is means the ending of your teenager girl life but starting of the adult life. But it’s very challenge to find a perfect quinceanera dress to flatter your body and emphasis your personality. By following these tips, it will be much easier to find your perfect quinceanera gowns.
Firstly, you should make a budget of how much money you want to cost. The budget should include the dress, crown, jacket and gloves. There’s no need to spent tons of money on a dress which your parents can’t afford. Make sure you have talked with parents previously before shopping. Most online stores have many great quality quinceanera gowns but lower price.
Consider the formality of the ceremony, quinceanera dresses are usually in ball gowns. Sweet 16 dress is less formal than sweet 15 dresses. Knee length quince dress is for sweet 16 dresses. For sweet fifteen girls, if you are tall and slim, you might want to pick up more material dress. If you have apple shaped figure, you should choose the dress without decoration on bodice.

One shoulder quince dresses or spaghetti straps quinceanera dresses are perfect for broad shoulders.
The colors of quinceanera dresses are also very important. Many quinceanera dresses have combined the bright color and dark color together. Such as fuchsia color quince dress with leopard ruffles, red color quinceanera gown with black embroidery, turquoise quinceanera dress with brown embroidery.etc. No matter what colors you will choose, make sure the colors are flatter your skin tone.
You should try one different dress before shopping. Make sure the dress is comfortable and easy breezing. You also need to consider the dress are easy sitting and walking, it’s a good choice to add the bustle at the back if your dress have a train.

How to choose your right Quinceanera dress

A transition from childhood to adulthood is very special for America girls. So does special for Latin and Hispanic. Choose a right gown can make you looked gorgeous and feel comfortable, here are some tips for choosing quinceanera dress


Pretty Multi-color Strapless High-low Ruffle Sweet 15 Dresses

Pretty Multi-color Strapless High-low Ruffle Sweet 15 Dresses

Firstly and mostly, you should know your body shape before to buy. You should choose a dress which can enhance your figure. If your upper bodice is bigger than the bottom, then you must have an apple body shape. Ball gown quinceanera dress is the perfect choice for apple body shape. If your bodice is smaller than your bottom, then should choose a-line gowns.


Charming Beaded Strapless Pick up Princess Quinceanera Gown

Charming Beaded Strapless Pick up Princess Quinceanera Gown

Every girl doesn’t want wear same dress with your classmates, you also don’t want your dress to look out of fashion. So if some girl which elder than you has already worn sparkled dress, you should choose the dress without much shining.


Lavender and lilac are most popular color for quinceanera girls. However, you should choose a dress color which can highlight your skin color and spirits. Don’t wear black color; it makes you look to attend the funeral. Don’t wear the white color; it makes you look as a bride.

Don’t choose too low-cut neckline dress because you are just a little girl. Don’t pick up a dress which is over exposed. The dress of backless and slit skirt is also not appropriated for this age quinceanera party.

Pretty Discount Fuchsia Pick up Sweet 15 Ball Gown

Pretty Discount Fuchsia Pick up Sweet 15 Ball Gown


It’s better to order the dress in customized than standard size. You should ask a professional tailor to help you with measurements. If your quinceanera dress is strapless, then you just measure your bust, waist, hips and height. Some girl’s party is held in winter, so if you order a quinceanera dress which with jacket, you might also need to measure your shoulder and arms eye.


It’s also very special of your shoes in the party. Your father will change your shoes from a flat to high heel during the party. So you should choose the shoes both in flat and high heel to match your dress. If your gowns are in purple color, you can wear a white or black color shoe when dancing.

After you finished dancing, your flat shoes will replaced by a pair of high heel. It also means you will step into womanhood.


Your family will be proud of you, because they daughter has grown up and like a princess. Your friends will give their best wishes to loved girls step into womanhood. You will also feel confident and special after choosing a perfect gown.


Tips For Choosing A Quinceanera Dresses

The Quinceanera is usually a quite important element of every young woman’s life. You may have a beautiful occasion which is set apart just to mark the approach of adulthood in your life. You get to dress up inside the fanciest dress and delight in a particular evening with all your loved ones. You also get pleasure from photos sessions that are especially for you personally. Having said that, all of this can fall flat with all the incorrect option of quinceanera dresses. A lot more importantly, the choice of the dress need to not just pertain to this a single occasion. You could need to look into cocktail dresses or such categories, which is often reused in later specific parties of the life.

Basque Plus Size Quinceanera Ball Gown Dresses

To start with, repair a budget and then stick to it. You’ll find so many selections, which may possibly render you quite helpless. You will need to start off using a target in mind. A specific style, a specific range of spending budget plus the fantastic match to your body variety and appears – these qualities will help you streamline your selections to have for the very best solution at hand.

Mermaid Organza Pretty Quinceanera Dress with One Shoulder

Many designers possess a big variety of formal gowns, cocktail and vintage dresses. You’ll be able to begin with an exploratory appear on the web. You’ll discover rather several excellent names inside the business and begin your search from their catalogues. You may also take the time for you to go window-shopping with an elder cousin or your friends to browse by means of the latest style in the brand malls and stores. Some retailers also offer you vintage Quinceanera dress collections. These restored dresses are outstanding when you have a distinct theme arranged for the event.

Turquoise Spring Mini Cocktail Dresses

Colors usually are not a restriction for such events. Even though white and gold will be the most preferred choices inside the category. You can also go for rosebud pink in case you can arrange for any seriously very simple gown inside the rich colour. The gowns is usually lengthy, brief or with an asymmetrical hemline. It all is determined by the body variety and on how you carry the dress. You could also go for mermaid cuts, when you have the right frame to carry it off.

For plus size candidates you will find many different fits and style possibilities. A-line dresses, extended sheath dresses and even dresses fitted with a corset or bustier can help cinch within the further bulges and offer you a trimmer look. You should also concentrate on the makeup and the accessories. At times the makeup can give your face a lot of definition. Also, don’t be apprehensive to experiment with sparkles and physique glitter. They come out beautifully below camera lights. It is best to also look for jewelry pieces which have a sentimental worth for you. It is not uncommon for quinceanera to become the occasion exactly where your gifts do include jewelry.

IBall Gown Princess Strapless Sweetheart Long / Floor-Length Satin Tulle Quinceanera Dressn case your relatives can give you the present beforehand, include these pieces within your whole getup. Footwear with heels are needed, to look taller and much more graceful. Invest in some good quality perfumes to spritz some additional glamour to add to your perfect day.

How to Buy Quinceanera Dresses

One of the most important days of a young woman’s life is her Quinceanera. One of the most important steps in planning your Quinceanera is selecting your attire. Plan ahead at least half a year before the day of the occasion so that your dress will be ready.

Ball-Gown Sweetheart Floor-Length Organza Quinceanera Dress With Ruffle Beading

Before shopping for your Quinceanera dress, estimate how much you can afford to pay for it. It is very important not to forget that total cost of your ensemble will include accessories, shoes, undergarments, and alterations. How formal is your party going to be? This will give you an idea of your dress’ possible style. Usually Quiceaneras are very proper with people wearing white ball gowns. Nevertheless, less official parties are an option depending on your experience.

Next you can think about where you want to go and buy a dress. Do you feel secure enough to shop online? Don’t forget to add shipping costs, into your estimated budget. Would you want to purchase a secondhand dress? Going to shop at a consignment store and other thrift stores are a wonderful way to spend less money; a lot of gowns were only used for several hours.

Ball-Gown Sweetheart Floor-Length Taffeta Quinceanera Dress With Ruffle Beading

Many bridal shops carry Quinceanera Dresses if you are looking for a brand new gown. Searching for an original Quinceanera Dresses? Hire a dressmaker to design your own unique dress. When picking what store to purchase things from checking the Better Business Bureau and some reviews help with the decision. There you will find lists on which shops are the most dependable, present the finest service or have hidden fees, pushy sales people and badly constructed dresses.

Find out if the store will allow for exchanges or returns. Check out a bunch of the various shops, look at lots of different websites and compare. One should try on different hues, designers to see what works with ones natural curves.

Prior to purchasing online, learn more about their delivery times. Make sure that all potential problems contain enough time in between to be fixed. If you think that there is a possibility that a dress you are ordering will need to be altered, you should buy it at least six months in advance. Most of the gowns that are bought at a store will not fit perfectly, so if this is important to you, you should try to find a reliable seamstress.

Don’t let an employee of the store talk you into a dress when you are purchasing it, pick the dress that’s best for you not what they think is best. Buy the dress you love while you stick on your budget. Ask about how long the dress will take to be altered and how long it will be until the dress will be in your possession and ready to wear.

Ball-Gown Strapless Floor-Length Taffeta Organza Quinceanera Dress With Ruffle

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dresses

Choosing quinceanera dresses can be tedious. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help finding the right dress a breeze.

Pretty Pink Quinceanera Dresses
Elegance may be the essential. Taking into consideration that a quinceanera is often a household occasion, the birthday girl really should retain her look decent. Elegance is the finest approach to go given that it reflects her transition from childhood to womanhood. She will absolutely appear like the princess she has often dreamed of becoming whilst also searching just like the grown lady she is becoming on this particular day.

Gorgeous Red Pretty Quinceanera Dress Ball Gown

Ball gown dresses in bright colors work really well. Remember that a ball gown style dress may possibly not suit each and every girl’s body kind. Nevertheless, a girl can pull this appear off by picking out a silhouette style top rated and ball gown style skirt. Vivid colors and jewels assist make a look which is both astounding and appropriate for a variety of distinctive physique kinds.

Black and Purple Special Sweet 16 Gown

The colors in the dress are a crucial consideration. Quite a few quinceanera dresses have consisted of pastel colors, soft or brightly bold pinks, greens, or perhaps ivory colors that make her appear and feel just like the princess she genuinely is. Having said that, black and sapphire dresses are a different consideration, especially given that they reflect the elegance and sophistication the young lady deserves.

Accessorizing plays a significant role in selecting the right dress. If the young girl likes to put on accessories, it implies obtaining a dress that suits her style and lets her accessorize as she pleases. Stay away from over embellished dresses when pairing with accessories. A lot of of those unique ladies like to complete their look by pairing their dress with a necklace and also a tiara. A tiara can look fantastic with any style of dress, regardless of how adorned or unadorned it might be. Nevertheless, a necklace may perhaps not go effectively with all designs of dresses so be sure the guest of honor is aware of this before picking her dress.

Accentuate the shape of your young lady by pairing a dress having a fantastic cast. This highlights her womanly shape so opt for a dress which is not overly revealing. A sweetheart neckline or halter major dress goes wonderfully with a corset.

Most importantly, be certain the young lady is comfortable within the dress she chooses. Thinking about there could possibly be dancing at the event, choose a dress that leaves enough area for her to sit or stand and move about comfortably. Selecting Quinceanera dresses ought to be a memorable moment in a girl’s life and wearing it must be even more memorable.