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Correct Color for Black and Yellow Skin

How to choose correct color for black and yellow skin ?

Same skin tone on black background VS rose red background

The same skin color, the black background looks a lot white, but the rose red background looks a bit black and yellow.
So today, I will teach you how to wear prom dress with black and yellow skin! Which colors are black to wear prom dress?

Red Color

The red color is fascinating, I believe you must have heard of it, and you are convinced of it, but the fact is
Others wear red like this, the gas field is full, noble and elegant

As a yellow-black skin, don’t believe that the red color is temperament, can you say such a ghost?

Pink Color

As a 18-year-old little fairy, the love for pink is really only increasing, and it has never quit the fashion circle. It can be said that the middle-aged girl is the preferred color for white-haired girls. Wearing pink is really a girl’s temperament perfect, wearing a pair of fairy!

But if you do not suit pink color, then you will look ugly.

Royal Blue

If the above two colors are well matched and there is room for retrievable, then the color of the royal blue really has no room for recovery! !
The blue is worn on the model, it is simply the embodiment of the gas field and elegance.

But wake up, this beautiful you can’t control~

White Color

White does not pick the skin color, how to wear it is good-looking, can be worn with skirt trousers all year round, the choice of yellow and black skin. White is simple and generous, stylish and versatile, no matter what color can hold hold~


The yellow is fresh and simple, it is suitable for late summer and early autumn, the leaves are yellowish this season, wearing more and more quiet and elegant temperament, not picking the skin more white~

The blue, from the fog of last year to the color of this year’s little boy, is very friendly to black and yellow skin, with a pair of flat shoes, it is not a flavor, no need to worry about stepping on the pit!

Different Hair Length for What Kind of Curls

Recently saw a lot of hair on the different hair, the volume of the curly hair, curly hair is good, but the curly hair really suitable for everyone? Will the wave volume look too gentle? Want to try, afraid of their hair is not suitable for how to do? In fact, the length of the hair showing the feeling is also very different Oh!

1, short hair volume

Take a look at what you like perm, start with short hair. Do not roll the kind of too thin too small volume, accidentally exploded, but also easy to roll into aunt. Many actresses are made a bunch of short hair, get a lot of praise, believe me, you will fall in love with fresh hair!


2, short hair

Too much hair is not suitable for cutting short hair, or a roll is more Peng, hair less than the short hair for the Japanese lazy air volume. This hairstyle is not only suitable for long hair, even in short hair is also very appropriate.


3, short hair

Short hair is a lot of sister will cut a short hair, you can try s roll, hair tail volume. As to whether or not to stay boring this problem depends on your face and forehead it! Personally feel short hair in the face to see, side points look good, the air is relatively young bangs. In the short hair is also suitable for lazy Japanese wind hair, easy casual.


4, the hair in the hair

Long hair has been to the girl next door to the feeling, where the sister said the long hair refers to the shoulder but not waist, probably in the chest position, is also one of the red hair in recent years, many actress have put on a good fight In the long hair.Volume a little bigger can be dyed more sweet color. General Korean Department of curls are not very modeling sense. Japanese style will be more obvious. On the long hair, and the length of the volume even if the tail is very good to see. Partial can also be very sultry.


5, long curly hair

Big waves

The big wave is a popular curly hair style, because the texture is like a wave of the sea so called big waves. Soft yet lady, both light and elegant hairstyle silhouette, there are charming charming visual impact.


Princess hot:

Princess hot is ordinary hot (also known as ceramic hot), hot out a bit like the same as the princess.

Egg head:

Egg head is in the tail and Qi on the basis of heavy, add many small and medium volume, and neatly arranged to create a similar instant noodles hair. Is now more popular a perm. Natural lazy feeling is the best, but long soaked noodles, not everyone who hold live.

Is The Smaller The Bag The More Fashionable

Although the fashion trend with the ever-changing, I do not know when, filled with streets are all kinds of mini-packet and wild security color occupied. Many fashion street beat actresses, but also ignore their own physical characteristics, all with a mini bag, dressed in classic black and white ash, giving “thousands of people side” of the aesthetic fatigue.

CÉLINE swept the world’s Classic, Luggage, have been oversized! The past two years, from the show red to the streets of the Twisted Cabas and oversized Clasp, are “big and beautiful” model, but also became the limelight no two hot. However, although these packages have just come out to have countless fans, but oversized size is often only the first quarter, even after you want to buy, it is difficult to have a way to start, so big bag to get as early as possible!

Many people have a lot of misunderstanding of large bags – or heavy weight, or body clumsy, and CÉLINE large handbag is not the case. And as a “explosion-making machine” of the French brand CÉLINE, not convergence trend. Since 2008 Phoebe Philo took over the brand began to print, CÉLINE almost every year launched a beautiful and practical large handbags, even the Philippine sister is also a “big bag” fans.

So what about the next big bag? 2017 winter show field, there has been a large package, it package as its name, even really called “BIG BAG”. Continuation of the CÉLINE aesthetic concept, set its classic handbag all the iconic elements in one. Handle design and Luggage series of the same strain, strong and durable design sense.

You will worry about her heavy weight, and CÉLINE is to make you unexpected: this is a large handbag selection of the entire production of leather, less a number of leather stitching handbag weight significantly reduced, soft leather can be a good fit the body curve Freely transform the style, and will not look cumbersome. And the selection of high-quality soft calfskin without artificial or chemical coating treatment, feels like just finished painted cream cream skin smooth, people put it down.

And this season, another Black Belt, also the same name in the quiet of a silent – it is indeed a big shoulder bag with a large bag. Compared to Big Bag, Black Belt is more casual and more unintentionally. Wide shoulder strap not only let it back up relaxed and comfortable, more perfect into the street style nowadays.

Black Belt addition to the conventional leather material, there are more casual canvas material can choose. Regardless of shopping or shopping out of shopping, “bag” it is not only not equipped with equipment, but also comfortable and type.

See these “big and beautiful” bag is not very heart In the “Vogue clothing and beauty” this season together to create short films in CÉLINE, is to make this season’s new handbags in nature, showing the most real beauty.

If you still hesitate to worry about their own hold oversize big bag, may wish to personally go to CÉLINE shop try something, maybe tried, will open their own new style. Click on the picture to make an appointment to the store experience. Not only can feel the first of these unique bags, but also a glimpse of the next quarter, new trends in women’s and handbags!

How to plan your wedding before six month

Wedding is the most important part that you have put together before. It makes difficult to plan a wedding, but there’s no need to panic as the following steps will help you to have a wonderful wedding.

Firstly, you should make a list of wedding details. Make sure your wedding plan has flexibility. There does have differentiated between your dream and reality, so some of your wedding details must has banked up ideas.


Spaghetti Straps Organza Ball Gown with Pick up Skirt and Beading

Spaghetti Straps Organza Ball Gown with Pick up Skirt and Beading

Make a budget of your wedding. You need to know how much money you have, and make sure you are able to pay each bill in following six months. There’s no need to spend thousands dollars to buy a gown, and its same problems that a young couple has financial stress at the very beginning of the wedding.


You should book your wedding venue early if the wedding held in summer. Beach wedding and destination wedding are very hot in these years. So if you have an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding, then you can book the place earlier. Or if you will have a church wedding, previously booked is also necessary.


Beautiful Sweetheart Bridal Gowns Sunshine Coast

Beautiful Sweetheart Bridal Gowns Sunshine Coast

Make a reservation with officiant about wedding ceremony. If you want to have a church wedding, you might need to meet with the officiant previously to plan the ceremony and details. Make sure your wedding time can be adjustable. Because during the busy wedding season, the officiant may have several wedding ceremonies for different couples every day. It has very big chance that your ceremony will delay or advance for several minutes.


The wedding dress is the most important for a wedding. It’s more feel challenge that you need to spent lots of time and energy to find your dreamed gown. Don’t spend too much money on your wedding dress, because you still need to pay bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress. It’s better to buy your perfect wedding gown in customized as you still have six months. Make sure the dress back is laced up so that you can make alterations. Bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress are also needed to customize. Make sure the bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress are tying your wedding.


Hire a professional photographer. Most professional photographer is also very busy wedding season. Make an appointment early.


Beautiful Spaghetti Straps Ivory Embroidery Wedding Dresses Online

Beautiful Spaghetti Straps Ivory Embroidery Wedding Dresses Online

The wedding invitation is also an element that can characterize your personality. Every bride wants to have special wedding. So the invitation is the first sight of your wedding. There are many special invitations on the internet, or you can design the invitation on your own. Make a list of your wedding guests with your spouse.


No one can guarantee everything goes well, there’s no need to put a lot pressure on the wedding. You are still beautiful and fabulous even there has a part go wrong. So just be happy and do yourself to prepare your wedding!

Choosing Underwear to Enhance Your wedding dress

Your Wedding Lingerie will be dictated by the style of your wedding dress, but you still need to be comfortable – and you want to look good too!

You want your wedding day to be truly memorable. So make sure you feel like a queen from the inside out.

Don’t skimp on your wedding lingerie. Choosing the right wedding lingerie is as important as the selection of your wedding dress, not only will it enhance your wedding dress it
will be judged by later by the most important man in you life: your new husband.

With some styles such as Ballgown or A Line you can get away with more ruffles and lace as they won’t affect the silhouette of your wedding dress; but if you choose a slim
fitting wedding dress be extra careful with garters and lacy underwear as this type of lingerie shows lines more than smooth lingerie. Likewise if you are wearing a wedding
dress made of clingy fabric, such as charmeuse, choose something smooth and flimsy for your wedding lingerie.

Where possible wear the lingerie for any wedding dress alterations as the fit of your wedding dress will be affected by your lingerie.


Begin by choosing your bra, you need one that has the right support, your favourite brand may have a bra to suit. For more information about bras styles and how to chose you
size, or to solve any problems you might have choosing a bra for under your weeding dress See the Bra School here.

You can choose anything from nipple covers for maximum exposure, invisible bras, stick-on bras, strapless, push ups through to bustiers and corsets and full Body Shapers.

Regardless of which type of bra you choose buy underwire if you are full-busted or full-figured.
If your wedding dress has a low or wide-cut neckline, or slender straps your best choice is a strapless bra. Many strapless bras have versatile straps that you can change or
remove to suit.
A backless dress needs a bra that hooks at the waist. Let them see skin, not bra straps.
Long line bras can help slim your waistline and enhance your bust at the same time.
If you are not sure what size bra you need you’ll find all the information on our website,as well as solutions for any problems you have, such as, the centre panel of your bra
buckling or only one cup fitting you. Wearing an ill fitting bra size can really ruin the entire look of your wedding. So it’s a good idea to get professionally fitted for a
bra, many department stores have fitters, even if they don’t have the lingerie you want.
Visible bra straps may be acceptable for everyday fashion but NEVER with your wedding dress


You might want to look slimmer on your wedding day.

Body Shapers are brilliant for trimming problems areas. Make sure you buy one the correct size as you’ll be wearing it for quite a few hours. Unfortunately this kind of
underwear usually doesn’t look sexy and can be uncomfortable. Still, if you have a going away outfit you can always have a second more attractive set of lingerie.


Find a nice pair of stockings or pantyhose, good quality hosiery won’t cost you much more but you will really notice the difference. It pays to buy a spare pair for emergencies
too! Although for an informal wedding you may decide to go without. There really aren’t any rules these days.

A pantyhose-underwear combination is a good choice for a slim-fitting wedding dress such as Mermaid style. Many brides like to buy two garters – one to wear and keep and one to
throw to the guests. Flesh or white hosiery is traditional but if you opt for a coloured wedding dress you can match you hosiery however you want.


A Slip will stop your wedding dress riding up against your legs and will help create a smooth silhouette. Narrow wedding dresses such as a Column style, or one made of clingy
fabric need a slip underneath.

Crinolines come in various widths and support a full skirt, team with a bustier under a Ballgown wedding dress for a truly hour glass silhouette.


A bustier or corset with sheer stay-up stockings, is a popular choice for a sexy look. Corsets are designed to bring in the waist, and to support and enhance the bust. Some
bustiers have stocking attachments, but you could wear stay up stockings or a garter belt.


Panties are also important when you choose the lingerie for your wedding. Panties under the wedding gown may or may not be a problem depending on the fit, some styles such as
Empire can be clingy and reveal

(Shock! Horror!) visible panty line!

Whereas, this just won’t happen with a style such as a Ballgown wedding dress.

Select close fitting – but not tight -panties that do not show, especially if you are wearing a tight fitting wedding dress such as Mermaid style. G-strings are great for this
purpose,if you don’t mind wearing them.

If your dress isn’t a narrow silhouette – maybe a Ballgown style, you have more choice as the panty line will not show through and you may prefer more modest lingerie.

The other part of your wedding lingerie set will come into play on your wedding night. There are definitely no rules here! No one can say you have made the wrong choice – it’s
strictly between your husband and you and there’s a vast array of gorgeous lingerie for all sizes out there.

Fashion Tips For Different Body Types

Dressing up is an art and for many people, finding a clothing style that is suitable for the figure that they carry is of the highest priority. Women come in all variety of
shapes and sizes. The four types of common body shape include Triangle,Hourglass, V-Shape. Read more to find out the fashion tips for different body types.

TriaElegant Champagne 2013 Bridal Gownsngle:

Typically referred to as the “pear”, you’ve narrow and sloped shoulders, and bigger hips. Most have a slim torso and rib cage and your waist may well be smaller in proportion to your
hips. You also have a fuller bottom and legs. That is probably the most common figure variety.

HOW Wear

The important will be to draw the eye away from your widest hip region. Your ideal types will accentuate your neck and slim upper physique and minimize your decrease half.

Tops: Steer clear of a short boxy line on top rated. Your finest tops will concentrate on widening your shoulders. Decide on ballet and boat necks, puff sleeves, dolman and batwing sleeves. V-necks and
blouses with princess seams that accentuate your waist. Stay away from crop tops and anything that stops at your navel or above – it’ll cut you in half hence accentuating your
lower half!

Dresses: Empire waisted and babydoll designs also as kimono, dolman and flutter sleeved. Wrap dresses that accentuate your waist and draw attention to your neck and shoulders
using a v-neck style.

Skirts: Opt for a circle or a-line skirt having a decrease waist and minimal waistband. Straight skirts operate nicely worn just above the knee in a fabric that drapes properly.

Pants: A straight reduce using a bootleg or slight flare is your very best bet. Opt for a lower waist pant which has a flat front – no pleats or pockets placed across your widest aspect!
Higher waist pants which are at or above your navel can mold around your hips and butt and give the look of bulk. Capris really should also possess a slight flare in the bottom.

Fabric and Color: Darker colors will recede and make you appear smaller, so normally darker bottoms and lighter tops work nicely. Bold, massive prints can operate nicely for taller Variety 1 ladies, but stick with smaller prints when you are typical to petite.


Queen Anne 1/2 Lace Sleeves Princess Ball Gown Weddin Dress

You may describe your figure as boyish or athletic, but you’re lucky to possess the model form body that appears fantastic in almost each and every style. Your shoulders are broader than your hips. Your waist is average and less defined and also you have narrow hips, a smaller and sometimes flat bottom with slimmer legs.

HOW Put on

Your narrow hips give you decision and versatility. If your shoulders are extremely broad, you might desire to add volume for your hips for balance and avoid designs that
exaggerate the shoulder area.

Tops: V-necks, U-necks, sleeveless and tanks with wider straps. Keep away from tops using a horizontal line or widening effect near the major for example puff sleeves, boat necks, epaulettes, or fussy details.

Dresses: Keep away from higher waistlines and empire seams or ruffles near the major. Appear for information like bold prints, pockets and pleats around the decrease half to add fullness and hold it simple on best.

Skirts: Torso skirts with soft pleating, tiers and gathering are your 1st choice simply because they add volume and balance your figure. Stay away from any style that gathers in the
all-natural waist or appears to cut you in half, as a result exaggerating the upper body.

Pants: Your choice – with narrow hips you’ll be able to wear them all.

Fabric and Color: Experiment with color, prints and texture to view what fits your character and stature. Make interest around the bottom half with prints and colour and preserve the
top rated easy to downplay the shoulder area.


You might have properly proportioned shoulders that happen to be in line together with your hips along with a waist around 10″ smaller sized. Curvy describes you the most beneficial and also you have a little to average, defined waistline and an typical to full bottom and numerous have of you have got good legs.

HOW Wear

Chic Fashion High low 2014 Bridal Gowns with Cap SleevesYou may put on any sort of clothing that stays in proportion for your height and weight. Uncover clothing with shape and soft, fluid fabrics to highlight your curves.

Tops: Pretty much anything goes. Very best bets are fitted blouses, halters, wrap tops, and blouson. When you’ve got a fuller bust, steer clear of breast pockets, pleating or ruffles in that location.

Dresses: Tank and sheath dresses, nipped-waist and bias, wrap, strapless and something that highlights your curves.

Skirts: Pencil and bias reduce skirts look wonderful on your body-type. Should you be fuller inside the stomach and hips, steer clear of excess material or horizontal pockets in this region.

Pants: A straight cut using a bootleg or slight flare is your best bet, but you can opt for slimmer types if your hips and thighs are typical to small. Choose a lower waist pant
that has a flat front.

Fabric and Color: Experiment with colour, prints and texture to see what fits your character and stature. Pick fabrics that drape effectively and usually are not stiff. You need to
highlight your curves, not hide them or develop a boxy midsection.


How to measure the Size of Wedding Dress

Buying on the net has its risks and rewards. A single of the dangers is ordering the wrong size. The primary advantage is, naturally, the value is generally much better. However, even when you use a boutique with educated employees, you are able to run the danger of an incorrectly sized dress. And although some shops have dresses in stock, most have only several in different sizes so you could possibly be unable to try the dress on for sizing or match. In these instances it’s often best to shop the closest for your wedding date as you can. Maintaining in thoughts that alterations can take as much as eight weeks to finish, as well as a dress may perhaps take 3-4 weeks to order; you’ll want to order your dress around 3 months ahead of the wedding date.

What you’ll want to have in hand after you shop for the wedding dress:

1: An accurate measurement of one’s bust, hips, waist and length. Measurements ought to be taken along with your thumb inside the tape along with the tape should not be pulled tight. When measuring length be sure you follow the natural line of your body.

a. Bust measurements need to be taken around the widest element of your back to the front across the quite tip with the bust line.
b. Hip measurements are also taken in the widest point on the hips, for many designers. Some designers have two hip measurements. Should you know your distinct designer, possess a look on-line for their specifications.
c. The waist is measured just above the belly button and below the ribcage.
d. Measure length in the hollow of your neck to your waist, then from the waist point for the area exactly where you would like the hem.

2:Your distinct style of skirt, train, neck, sleeve and bodice kinds.

a. Skirts is often A-line, pencil, short, lengthy, complete or slim. Verify into a variety of photographs to choose which suits your private style very best.
b. Trains might be cathedral, quick or none.
c. There are lots of neck (collar) styles such as square, heart shaped, V, scoop and other people. You may verify Wikipedia below “necklines” for additional details.
d. Sleeves also are available in several designs from mid, capped, short and extended. Wikipedia also has a fantastic list of diverse sleeve lengths.
e. For bodice varieties you’ll find numerous options, a fantastic spot to locate distinctive bodice information and facts is on A few suggestions are corset or empire waist.

3:The fabric and embellishment designs you are going to demand

Knowing the different varieties of fabric can be a big bonus when requesting gown styles to try on at the retailer. Wedding dresses are available in distinct fabrics and a few are extra high priced than others. You can find even distinctive fabrics within fabrics for example organza and taffeta, these may be silk organza or synthetic and so forth.

4:Any slips and footwear you’ll be wearing, if at all doable.

Slips and shoes can influence the length in the hem. You’ll want to put on them when taking your measurements and attempting on the gown.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what you’ll have with you when shopping for a dress, but each and every small bit of details will assist make the proper choice.

5: Veil and jewelry details.

When you have a specific tiara, veil or jewelry that was passed down or which you wanted to wear particularly along with your dress, it is very best to find a dress that could appear suitable using the style. As an example, a tiara may not appear very best with a semi-casual gown. In addition to a lengthy veil will look strange with some sorts of shorter dresses.