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Affordable Prices of Junior Prom Dresses

Floor length style prom dress is classical, but it is too long and lack energy. Choose a unique and could show your personality dress is very important.

Champagne and Black One Shoulder backless Junior Prom Gowns

As junior prom party is celebrity to have finished junior high school.  This prom give more fun, it give you a good reason to dress up in your dream way.  You can spend whole night with your close friends. So it is more and more popular.

Taffeta Strapless A-line Short Junior Prom Dress

Our online store give a option of junior prom dresses to choose.  We have  wide range of junior prom dresses. From floor length to mini length, sweetheart to v-neckline, chiffon dress to satin dress, various styles and colors.

Beautiful Red Homecoming Dress

Red is terrific color. It is hot. It stand for passion. Also it look great on all skin tones, so why you do not try a red dress for your homecoming party?

Today, we will show you different neckline homecoming dresses.


Burgundy Short Chiffon Formal Homecoming Dress

This style has a v-neckline. If you are a plus size girl, then v -neckline is good choice. Because you will look thinner in V-neckline.

2.Unique Red One Shoulder Chiffon Homecoming Dress

If you have a good figure, do not too shy to show your body shape. This sheath dress could flatters your body shape.

3.Sheath / Column Off the Shoulder Short / Mini Satin Homecoming Dress H967

If you are petite girl, you want look cute. Then you can choose this style. Square neckline with flare skirt.

If you want choose more style, welcome to our website

Style Tips for a Summer Masquerade Party

Choose a right dress for a masquerade party is not a easy thing. What kind of dress to choose for masquerade party?

Romantic Hot Pink Short Masquerade Party Dress

1. you should pay more attention on the party occasion. If the invitation says cocktail party, then you should choose a pretty cocktail dress. So pay attention on the invitation or ask what kind of party.

2. Do you only follow the trends, the dress you choose should suits your body shape. Rember “the suit is the best”.
3. Choose a easy mask, do not choose a complex mask to wear.

4. For the high-heel shoes: remember choose a comfortable pairs, not only stylish.

Sweetheart Apple Green Masquerade Prom Gown Dress with Slit

5. Accessories: Choose elegant elegant earrings and bracelets (or a cuff). We recommend wearing a necklace only if it doesn’t detract from your mask.

6. Your hair and makeup should complement your outfit and your mask.

If you got the all the tips, then you will have a great party.

Fashionable Little Black Dress

As you know, little black dress is also called ‘LBD’. LBD is very common and popular. Almost, every woman has one piece.

Mini Little Black Dress

The features of little black dress:

1. color — Black. Of cause, you can change to other dark color. If the black color does not match your skin.

2. Length — Knee length or cocktail length. The length depends on you. If you are attend to a formal party, then you should better to choose a knee length. Cocktail (Mini) Length is not formal enough.

Cute Low Back Little Black Party Dresses

3. The design is simple. It has little ornament. LBD doesn’t need too much ornament, it already look elegant. Too much ornament will make the dress look too tedious.

If you do not know what to wear in the party, why you do not try on a little black dress? You must can not image how beautiful you are.