Several Popular Simple Wedding Dress Styles

Modern people advocate simplicity, put on the wedding dress, maybe many modern brides do not like the style is too complicated, too many decorations or too much Lace Wedding Dress, will introduce several simple style wedding dress for these brides.

1.This style does not have much more decorations, long sleeves make the bridal looks classical.

2.This style is more cute and modern than above dress. Careful scrutinize this style is provide a lot of surprise. For example, beaded off shoulder neckline and exquisite keyhole on the bust and sleeves.,

3.This champagne color dress is very simple. The whole dress does not have any decoration. Simple is the best.

  1. For the advocate of simple bride, this has a unique tailoring design of the long wedding dress is simply the dream of the wedding dress style.


A Girl’s Wedding Dream

Every time I go to school, I have to pass a wedding photo studio, always picking up a new wedding dress. I like beautiful skirts, this is something I have had since I was a child.

In the large floor-to-ceiling windows, there are always a few crowded hangers, hanging or red or white wedding dresses. The style is very beautiful, but it always feels cliché, which has not caught my attention. Until one day, it was a windy afternoon, the sun was lazy, and people felt a little sloppy, just in my glimpse – Oh, I almost screamed in surprise.

The display in the window was completely new: the large window, leaving only a hanger and a green gauze. It is the kind of green in early spring. The green color reveals the goose yellow. The texture of the green scorpion is explained by layers of tulle. Like the nascent willow fog, like fresh green apples, it attracts people’s eyes and green yarn. There are no enamel ornaments on the quality. Very common style – simple half-sleeve top, the bottom is a layer of scattered skirt like a goldfish tail, only a bright sun flower on the left shoulder, like the style of early spring – clean, clear, but not lost bright and beautiful.

The sun shone obliquely,through the layers of tulle, the filtered sunlight was slightly greenish. Behind the window, the orange light in the store reflects the milky white walls and becomes the backdrop of the hustle and bustle, just like Van Gogh’s Impressionist color painting. Outside the store, the same verdant branches swayed gently, dancing in the wind in the early spring, and the wind was also covered with green marks. Looking at the green wedding dress in front of me, I couldn’t help but smile – a veil was dyed green for the whole spring. So, what kind of bride will wear it in the future. Or, this is the wedding dress that is specially prepared for the flower god of spring.

New Styles of 2018 Wedding Dresses

Although the 2018 wedding fashion trend has already been flying, but I do not know which one is really included in your consideration? Maybe some of you who choose phobia, it is hard to say which one is your favorite? Fortunately, you still have me! launched the newest wedding dress that is worth trying in 2018!

  • 3D flowers

Beautiful brides and flowers that always represent beautiful and beautiful are always inseparable. The use of flowers in wedding dresses and dresses is also very frequent, and it is not difficult to have flowers. What is difficult is how to make new flowers. 3D stereoscopic flowers are becoming more and more common with the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion industry. Exquisite three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding alive. Different materials can be used in the production. For example, the mesh can also stretch the three-dimensional flowers layer by layer; or the grosgrain and gauze fabrics matched with the wedding dress are good choices. Designers will use a gradual approach to make these plausible flowers “drop” from intensive to scattered on the wedding dress, which is very rich in the overall layering.

  • Wonderland color

The white wedding dress is holy and pure, but the 2018 wedding theme will no longer be limited to white. The brides can choose more rich pastel colors according to their skin color and favorite styles. Deep champagne, light champagne, bare powder, gray blue… These low-saturation pastel wedding dresses can enhance your fairy temperament quietly. A touch of beauty, not inferior to the romance of a white wedding dress, will definitely make people shine.

  • One shoulder and shaped sleeves are good friends

For the attention and re-creation of the sleeves, there is no exception from the fashion industry to the wedding world. Especially this year, the sleeves are so hot, and the wedding design can’t be used well. Off-shoulder has always been one of the favorite styles of wedding dress designers. The female sexy clavicle and sleek shoulder line can be enlarged to perfection with one shoulder design.

Now, the one-shoulder shoulders and the sleeves of different shapes are combined with each other, and they have a completely different sense of style. For example, the cute and exaggerated princess puff sleeves, the hem of the ruffled wide sleeves, the court croissant sleeves… Even the most basic long sleeves will make the arms more slender and slender.

  • Tea Length Dress

Short skirts are playful but unsettled, and trailing skirts are imposing, but inevitably inconvenient. This year’s popular mid-length skirt wedding style, the inspiration is simply pulled out from the wardrobe of the screen goddess of the 50s. At that time, the length of the skirt just to the ankle was very popular, because it would reveal a nice ankle curve. Speaking of this, I can’t help but think of a generation of goddess Audrey Hepburn, the many skirts she passed through are just the right length.

But what I think must be paid attention to is that, in order to control this style, the length of the skirt is very subtle, and it must be different from person to person. After all, our personal height is different and the body proportion is different. Some styles may be stuck in the thickest position of the calf, which will not highlight your sexy ankles, but also cause the calves to look thicker, not worth the candle! Therefore, if you want to try this kind of retro classic that makes the bride reborn, you must be careful about the length of the skirt, remember to only reveal the most slender ankle part!

Correct Color for Black and Yellow Skin

How to choose correct color for black and yellow skin ?

Same skin tone on black background VS rose red background

The same skin color, the black background looks a lot white, but the rose red background looks a bit black and yellow.
So today, I will teach you how to wear prom dress with black and yellow skin! Which colors are black to wear prom dress?

Red Color

The red color is fascinating, I believe you must have heard of it, and you are convinced of it, but the fact is
Others wear red like this, the gas field is full, noble and elegant

As a yellow-black skin, don’t believe that the red color is temperament, can you say such a ghost?

Pink Color

As a 18-year-old little fairy, the love for pink is really only increasing, and it has never quit the fashion circle. It can be said that the middle-aged girl is the preferred color for white-haired girls. Wearing pink is really a girl’s temperament perfect, wearing a pair of fairy!

But if you do not suit pink color, then you will look ugly.

Royal Blue

If the above two colors are well matched and there is room for retrievable, then the color of the royal blue really has no room for recovery! !
The blue is worn on the model, it is simply the embodiment of the gas field and elegance.

But wake up, this beautiful you can’t control~

White Color

White does not pick the skin color, how to wear it is good-looking, can be worn with skirt trousers all year round, the choice of yellow and black skin. White is simple and generous, stylish and versatile, no matter what color can hold hold~


The yellow is fresh and simple, it is suitable for late summer and early autumn, the leaves are yellowish this season, wearing more and more quiet and elegant temperament, not picking the skin more white~

The blue, from the fog of last year to the color of this year’s little boy, is very friendly to black and yellow skin, with a pair of flat shoes, it is not a flavor, no need to worry about stepping on the pit!

How to Care Gold Jewelry

Which woman not three two gold jewelry, gold not only put on beautiful temperament, more appreciation, many local wedding to send “satin” the custom of “hardware”, but have you ever found that gold ornaments to wear over time will be black, less bright than before?So how do you clean and maintain?

gold gold ornaments

1. Remove sweat stains

Gold jewelry to wear in the body, and direct contact with the skin, the hot weather with perspiration is inevitable, slowly will be black, then we can use soap and water, add a little alcohol in it, the effect praised.

2. Remove black silver mould

Many women use cosmetics, such as a ring of gold jewelry and cosmetics contact for a long time, will gradually occur chemical reaction, make gold surface black, actually it’s weight in gold consumption, a small portion of gold through chemical reactions into a different kind of material, so use cosmetics women should pay attention.

The suggestion is to prepare baking soda 7g, salt 2g, bleaching powder 8g, water 60ml, make up the solution by oneself, put the jewelry in two hours, the time is to take out to wash clean can.

3. Cleaning of toothpaste

Toothpaste has a net whitening effect. We can use the toothpaste with the old toothbrush to wash the Gold jewelry, wash out most of the stains, and some of the fine seams may need toothpicks to help.

4. Flower dew/vinegar

Cotton swabs can also be used to clean gold. If you have a stubborn stain you can add a little salt to the vinegar, put the jewelry in and soak for half an hour, then take it out and drain it.

5. Get the jewelry store to clean

Finally there is a the most simple way to feel dirty just to buy jewelry store cleaning, there is a special wash the goldwater, effect is best, general large gold ornaments shop support for cleaning, so you can free to cleaning, don’t bother, is as good as new after washing.

Different Hair Length for What Kind of Curls

Recently saw a lot of hair on the different hair, the volume of the curly hair, curly hair is good, but the curly hair really suitable for everyone? Will the wave volume look too gentle? Want to try, afraid of their hair is not suitable for how to do? In fact, the length of the hair showing the feeling is also very different Oh!

1, short hair volume

Take a look at what you like perm, start with short hair. Do not roll the kind of too thin too small volume, accidentally exploded, but also easy to roll into aunt. Many actresses are made a bunch of short hair, get a lot of praise, believe me, you will fall in love with fresh hair!


2, short hair

Too much hair is not suitable for cutting short hair, or a roll is more Peng, hair less than the short hair for the Japanese lazy air volume. This hairstyle is not only suitable for long hair, even in short hair is also very appropriate.


3, short hair

Short hair is a lot of sister will cut a short hair, you can try s roll, hair tail volume. As to whether or not to stay boring this problem depends on your face and forehead it! Personally feel short hair in the face to see, side points look good, the air is relatively young bangs. In the short hair is also suitable for lazy Japanese wind hair, easy casual.


4, the hair in the hair

Long hair has been to the girl next door to the feeling, where the sister said the long hair refers to the shoulder but not waist, probably in the chest position, is also one of the red hair in recent years, many actress have put on a good fight In the long hair.Volume a little bigger can be dyed more sweet color. General Korean Department of curls are not very modeling sense. Japanese style will be more obvious. On the long hair, and the length of the volume even if the tail is very good to see. Partial can also be very sultry.


5, long curly hair

Big waves

The big wave is a popular curly hair style, because the texture is like a wave of the sea so called big waves. Soft yet lady, both light and elegant hairstyle silhouette, there are charming charming visual impact.


Princess hot:

Princess hot is ordinary hot (also known as ceramic hot), hot out a bit like the same as the princess.

Egg head:

Egg head is in the tail and Qi on the basis of heavy, add many small and medium volume, and neatly arranged to create a similar instant noodles hair. Is now more popular a perm. Natural lazy feeling is the best, but long soaked noodles, not everyone who hold live.

Is The Smaller The Bag The More Fashionable

Although the fashion trend with the ever-changing, I do not know when, filled with streets are all kinds of mini-packet and wild security color occupied. Many fashion street beat actresses, but also ignore their own physical characteristics, all with a mini bag, dressed in classic black and white ash, giving “thousands of people side” of the aesthetic fatigue.

CÉLINE swept the world’s Classic, Luggage, have been oversized! The past two years, from the show red to the streets of the Twisted Cabas and oversized Clasp, are “big and beautiful” model, but also became the limelight no two hot. However, although these packages have just come out to have countless fans, but oversized size is often only the first quarter, even after you want to buy, it is difficult to have a way to start, so big bag to get as early as possible!

Many people have a lot of misunderstanding of large bags – or heavy weight, or body clumsy, and CÉLINE large handbag is not the case. And as a “explosion-making machine” of the French brand CÉLINE, not convergence trend. Since 2008 Phoebe Philo took over the brand began to print, CÉLINE almost every year launched a beautiful and practical large handbags, even the Philippine sister is also a “big bag” fans.

So what about the next big bag? 2017 winter show field, there has been a large package, it package as its name, even really called “BIG BAG”. Continuation of the CÉLINE aesthetic concept, set its classic handbag all the iconic elements in one. Handle design and Luggage series of the same strain, strong and durable design sense.

You will worry about her heavy weight, and CÉLINE is to make you unexpected: this is a large handbag selection of the entire production of leather, less a number of leather stitching handbag weight significantly reduced, soft leather can be a good fit the body curve Freely transform the style, and will not look cumbersome. And the selection of high-quality soft calfskin without artificial or chemical coating treatment, feels like just finished painted cream cream skin smooth, people put it down.

And this season, another Black Belt, also the same name in the quiet of a silent – it is indeed a big shoulder bag with a large bag. Compared to Big Bag, Black Belt is more casual and more unintentionally. Wide shoulder strap not only let it back up relaxed and comfortable, more perfect into the street style nowadays.

Black Belt addition to the conventional leather material, there are more casual canvas material can choose. Regardless of shopping or shopping out of shopping, “bag” it is not only not equipped with equipment, but also comfortable and type.

See these “big and beautiful” bag is not very heart In the “Vogue clothing and beauty” this season together to create short films in CÉLINE, is to make this season’s new handbags in nature, showing the most real beauty.

If you still hesitate to worry about their own hold oversize big bag, may wish to personally go to CÉLINE shop try something, maybe tried, will open their own new style. Click on the picture to make an appointment to the store experience. Not only can feel the first of these unique bags, but also a glimpse of the next quarter, new trends in women’s and handbags!

Beautiful Beach Wedding Dress in 2017

Beach wedding is one of the most popular wedding occasion. What kind of wedding dress suitable beach wedding in 2017?

The designers of published 2017 beach wedding style.

This style inspiration comes from the ’50 s. Middle length illusion sleeves and tea length dress make the whole dress look not only elegant, but also cute.

If you figure is hot, why do not show out your good figure? This sheath lace wedding dress could give you an unbelievable beach wedding.

Of cause, if you are a traditional lady, you could try on this style. Strapless neckline, ruched body decorated with appliques, unique pick up skirt give you unique experience.

Choose more style, please visit!

Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 Fall

2017 is coming! We will introduce several styles of wedding dress design trends in 2017 at

  • Lace wedding dress with cape

This kind of style will still popular at 2017, although it is popular in 2016.  From the design of the cape wedding dress in 2016, we add more sexy elements.  For example, we add illusion body with illusion skirt!

  • Off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Off shoulder is still lightspot in year 2017. For example, below style is traditional style. Everyone could not refuse this vintage dress. You will look elegant and pretty. You could not regret for your decision.

  • Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid style is poplar in the past years, of cause it will still popular in 2017. Ruffles skirt and jeweled waist band are the highlights for this style.

Illusion Neckline Lace Ball Gown

Illusion neckline with cap sleeves dress is fantastic. Maybe your wedding will hold in a church. Church is sacred place. You could not wear very revealing clothes at that place. So if you want look sexy and beautiful, then this kind of dress is the best choice.





How to Choose Your Prom Dress

You will be easily overwhelmed when choosing prom dresses. You should pick up one style among thousands of them. Prom is one of the most important events in your life; you should choose a glamour and fabulous prom dress to celebrate your school year. Here are some tips may help you to find your perfect prom gown.

Firstly, you should start early but not too earlier. Many prom shops need couple of weeks to alter the dress to fit, some prom dresses even in customize. It’s better to shop two months before event. Don’t make your mind on one dress ahead one year! Or you will be embarrassed at the party when find someone wear same dress.

You need to some research before shopping. Check the internet or fashion magazine. Make a list of interested prom dresses, and ask the dress sales to bring you similar styles to try on. Some dresses just looked stunning when hang on the closet, but you will be disappointed when put on. So figure out what style of prom dress flatter your figure is important.

Don’t throw your parents half money on one prom dress. You should talk with them how much money they can afford for your prom like dress, shoes and accessories.

Prom dresses are in full length or short length as you want. Full length prom dresses are traditional and perfect for the girls who want to hide legs, but you should be careful when dancing. Short prom dresses which just below the knee are the most popular in this year, it’s even lively and cute.

Oh don’t forget the details on the prom gowns. You can focus the bodice details like sequins, feather or embroidery. You also can pay attention on the bottom of dress in ruffles or puffy hemline. These key details may help you to be the center of whole night.