Choose Graduation Dresses

Graduation dresses come in a variety of styles, colors, lengths and prices. Whether women are planning to buy grad dresses for high school or college, Now You Know Events provides a review of the countless options available and major considerations to keep in mind when picking out dresses for graduation.

 Simple Satin Grape One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses

Keeping price in mind, cheap graduation dresses should not equate to shoddy fabrics or loose threads. High quality couture is not only for the wealthy.

Fancy Sweetheart High-low Hem Graduation Dress

Graduation dresses has opened up accessibility to all women far and wide. Apparel unavailable in certain areas instantly become within reach. Time plays a larger part in the equation when grad dresses are purchased from a reputable online resource. The sooner the dress is purchased the better so that there will be enough time for it to be shipped and returned if style or size adjustments are necessary. Dresses for graduation are a big deal so most online stores provide express shipping options as well.


What to Wear for a Military Ball

If you have a boyfriend in the army, if he invited you to attend Christmas Party. What to wear is properly?

George Black Lace Military Party Dress

First, you should know whether it is formal or informal party. If it is formal party, then you should wear full length formal dress. Because it is more suitable. If the party is just hold by his Commanding officer, then it is informal party, you could wear cocktail dress or tea length dress.

Then, your dress color should match with your boyfriend’s uniform. So please avoid your color clash with it.

Pretty Black and Silver Mermaid Masquerade Party Dress

If you attention these points, then you will have a good time.

Choose more style at military ball gown online shop.

How to Choose Homecoming Dresses

Autumn is a very exciting moment for teens, because there is a homecoming waiting for you.

Most girls may have prepared her homecoming dress for a long time. Every girl wants to show there best, but how to find a perfect homecoming dress is really important!

 Sheath Sweetheart Short Chiffon Homecoming Dress

Firstly, you should know clearly the dress length you want. Different girls have different taste of the dress length. If your daughter not very tall but cute, you should help her to try a short length homecoming dress. Long homecoming dresses are not as fashion as short dress, and it’s not convenient for dancing. But if your daughter insists in long homecoming dress, make sure she will wear high heels shoes well.

Petite girls may tend to have light color homecoming dresses. But if your girl’s skin not very pale, you can help her to try some other deep color dresses which she hasn’t tried before, for example, red or champagne color makes your girl more mature.

Don’t choose too complicated dresses if your girl are not very slim. Sequins and crystals are more popular for homecoming these days. You can help your slender daughter to choose the dress with ruffles or layers. Ruffles and layers are really gorgeous when you are dancing.

 Ivory Homecoming Dress 2012Y-29

Material of homecoming dresses is hot in organza or tulle. Cause the tulle and organza are soft and puffy. It’s easily in ruffles or layers. Chiffon, Satin and Taffeta fabric is also suitable for homecoming dress if your girl want to choose a simple dress.

Sweetheart neckline is extremely populated for teen’s homecoming dress. If your girl who has a broader shoulder, she can try on one shoulder or halter neckline gowns. Narrow shoulder girls should choose the homecoming dress with bubble sleeves. So the dresses will makes your shoulder looked not as marrow as you thought.


It’s better to ask your daughter’s opinion before you shopped. Make sure the dress will follow her school dress code. Most important is that your daughters will happy wearing the dress you picked up for her!


How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

There are many different shape and style bridesmaid dress nowadays. Maybe you think every style bridesmaid dress is beautiful and gorgeous. But you are wrong when bridesmaid wear them. That’s say, difference body shape need to be matched with different style dress. You need to choose a dress that not only can flatter your bridesmaid body shape, but also are your bridesmaid favorite.

 Formal Fuchsia Tank Straps Long Chiffon Evening Dress

Firstly, you need to make decision of your wedding color. Bridesmaid dresses color need to reflect wedding color. But it’s very different to choose the color for bridesmaid. Every bridesmaid skin is different; you need to choose a color that can flatter all the girls. Champagne color is almost suitable for everyone. It’s necessary to ask your bridesmaid idea about the dress color.

Fabric of the bridesmaid dress is usually in chiffon. But it’s not very acceptable if the wedding in winter. Satin or taffeta, velvet such heavy fabric are the best choice for winter bridesmaid dress. Chiffon, tulle or laces are perfect for summer bridesmaid gown. You can choose both either chiffon or satin if your wedding in spring or autumn.

One shoulder neckline is most popular among the bridesmaid. But some girl who has a big bust may want to choose v-neckline or sweetheart neckline gowns.

Simple Pink and Black Long Chiffon Bow Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

Short length bridesmaid dress looks cute and lovely. If wedding in summer, short length dresses for bridesmaid are the best choice. But you shoulder also ask bridesmaid idea for length, some tall and thin figure girl may want to have long length gown to show their best.

Make sure you will shop early and visit several shops for a plus size bridesmaid. So you will have enough time to alter and change. Choose the dress which is easy walking and wearing, as they will move around and help you in reception. They will feel uncomfortable if wear sheath or tight dress.

You should remember that an ugly bridesmaid dress will affect your wedding. So just do lots research on fashion magazine and ask your bridesmaid idea previously. Wish you will have a fantastic wedding !

How to Choose Beach Wedding Dress

Beach wedding is different from traditional wedding. It’s casual and romantic. With the sweet breeze, fresh air and soft sand, you will definitely enjoy your wedding. But you should consider your wedding dress previously.

Ivory Beach Wedding Dresses Casual Summer

Firstly, fabric is the most important for beach wedding dress. The fabric should be in light weight and flow. Don’t choose lace wedding dress, it’s easily damaged by sand. Organza and chiffon fabric wedding dress are the best choice for beach wedding.

You should choose a dress without big train. Don’t choose the sheath wedding dress, because you will walk at beach and move a lot. Empire waist wedding dress is the best choice for maternity bride. Don’t choose ball gown for your beach wedding dress, It’s not convenient for your move.

And it’s difficult to take good pictures at beach as the dress too heavy.

Dress length is also important for beach wedding. Some bride plan the wedding has the “trash wedding dress” part. So it’s better to choose the dress in short length or front short long back length. If you still want to have a traditional beach wedding dress, full length without train is the best option.

Sexy High-low Summer Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Sweetheart neckline or one shoulder neckline gown are also the perfect choice for beach wedding bride. Don’t wear long sleeves or high neckline beach gown; it will make you feel uncomfortable.

If you really want the gown has sleeves, cap sleeves or short sleeves are also perfect choice.

Some creative brides want your wedding dress in silver or champagne color. But some traditional brides still want the white or ivory color bridal gown. You should choose the dress color by your own taste and style.

Don’t wear veil at beach. Because it will fly out by wind, and it’s difficult for your photographer to capture your face. Don’t wear high heel shoes at beach wedding, you can wear a flat shoes or bare foot, or that you will be sank by sand. Remember to wear a covered shawl at beach, it will get cold when night coming.

Beach wedding is for causal bride. You should not care much, just choose the dress by your heart, and make sure you are enjoying it. Happy choosing and have a fantastic wedding!

How to plan your wedding before six month

Wedding is the most important part that you have put together before. It makes difficult to plan a wedding, but there’s no need to panic as the following steps will help you to have a wonderful wedding.

Firstly, you should make a list of wedding details. Make sure your wedding plan has flexibility. There does have differentiated between your dream and reality, so some of your wedding details must has banked up ideas.


Spaghetti Straps Organza Ball Gown with Pick up Skirt and Beading

Spaghetti Straps Organza Ball Gown with Pick up Skirt and Beading

Make a budget of your wedding. You need to know how much money you have, and make sure you are able to pay each bill in following six months. There’s no need to spend thousands dollars to buy a gown, and its same problems that a young couple has financial stress at the very beginning of the wedding.


You should book your wedding venue early if the wedding held in summer. Beach wedding and destination wedding are very hot in these years. So if you have an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding, then you can book the place earlier. Or if you will have a church wedding, previously booked is also necessary.


Beautiful Sweetheart Bridal Gowns Sunshine Coast

Beautiful Sweetheart Bridal Gowns Sunshine Coast

Make a reservation with officiant about wedding ceremony. If you want to have a church wedding, you might need to meet with the officiant previously to plan the ceremony and details. Make sure your wedding time can be adjustable. Because during the busy wedding season, the officiant may have several wedding ceremonies for different couples every day. It has very big chance that your ceremony will delay or advance for several minutes.


The wedding dress is the most important for a wedding. It’s more feel challenge that you need to spent lots of time and energy to find your dreamed gown. Don’t spend too much money on your wedding dress, because you still need to pay bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress. It’s better to buy your perfect wedding gown in customized as you still have six months. Make sure the dress back is laced up so that you can make alterations. Bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress are also needed to customize. Make sure the bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress are tying your wedding.


Hire a professional photographer. Most professional photographer is also very busy wedding season. Make an appointment early.


Beautiful Spaghetti Straps Ivory Embroidery Wedding Dresses Online

Beautiful Spaghetti Straps Ivory Embroidery Wedding Dresses Online

The wedding invitation is also an element that can characterize your personality. Every bride wants to have special wedding. So the invitation is the first sight of your wedding. There are many special invitations on the internet, or you can design the invitation on your own. Make a list of your wedding guests with your spouse.


No one can guarantee everything goes well, there’s no need to put a lot pressure on the wedding. You are still beautiful and fabulous even there has a part go wrong. So just be happy and do yourself to prepare your wedding!

Tips for choosing plus size wedding dress

No matter what size of a bride is, you should choose a wedding dress which looks beautiful and cover your body disadvantage. It’s very necessary that plus size brides should know these guidelines before the shopping right bridal gown.


Lace Traditional Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Lace Traditional Plus Size Bridal Gowns

rstly, you should understand your body shape.Different body has different body shapes. Some brides are big bust, but some are small hips. You should choose the dress which can flatter your advantage and cover your flaws.

It’s most important of dress fabric. The material of the dress will decide what style of the dress, and if it’s the right fabric that can cover your body flaws. Chiffon and silk fabric are soft and light weight. Some chiffon and silk fabric winter wedding dress has heavy lining inside; you can have a try if wedding in winter. But for summer wedding dress which was made of chiffon or silk, you’d better stay away from these gowns if you are plus size body shape.

Romantic Sweetheart Empire Plus Size Wedding Dresses Chicago

Romantic Sweetheart Empire Plus Size Wedding Dresses Chicago

Satin and taffeta fabric is usually welcomed by plus size wedding dress. It has stretchy and feels well. Organza fabric wedding gowns normally in a ball gown or have a tutu effect; it’s not available if you are big size.

Then you need to consider the dress style. Ball gown bridal dresses are often having a big skirt that just fitted waist and bodice. It’s a perfect choice if you have a big hip. Empire silhouettes gowns are usually familiar with maternity bride, but it’s also a right choice for the bride who has a big waist. But if your hip is too wide, then you shouldn’t choose an empire dress. It will make your hip looked much bigger. Don’t choose a sheath dress if you usually wear large size dress. If your top bodice is same wide at your bottom, a-line or mermaid gowns are perfect choice. You can have a try on dropped waistline gowns if your hip is as big as plus size.

Plus Wedding Dress Online Boutique Charming Empire Chiffon Dress

Plus Wedding Dress Online Boutique Charming Empire Chiffon Dress

White color does have some meaning for a wedding dress. But you might try some unique for your wedding, ivory color or light champagne color is also a perfect choice. But there are no limits for all brides to choose the wedding dress color; you wear the gown in any color you want.

It’s not right that larger size brides wearing a high neckline gown at a wedding party. For larger size brides, sweetheart neckline or v-neckline are normally available. Sleeveless or cap sleeves are the perfect choice for plus size wedding gown. Don’t wear full sleeves; it will make your arms look much bigger. If your country has specified codes that don’t allow wearing sleeve dress, then you can ask the dress shop to make your dress sleeves a bit tight.

Customized the wedding dress is better than standard size. And it’s also a perfect choice that chooses the dress with corset back. You have a chance to make adjustments.

No matter how stylish the dress is, feel comfortable is much important. Following these guidelines, you will find your dreamed wedding gowns

Crucial tips for choosing a right bridesmaid dress

It’s been tough for a bride to plan her wedding. Especially choose a wedding dress takes a long time and energy. Bridesmaid dress is also a crucial process of your wedding. Choose the right bridesmaid dress color and style is very important.


Long Satin Navy Blue Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress Discount

Long Satin Navy Blue Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress Discount

It would be a perfect idea that combines the bridesmaid dress color with your reception color. The bridesmaid dress color should reflect the wedding.They don’t need to be exactly the same, just has slight same color is fine. The table settings and decorations also should be considered.


It’s also important that bridesmaid dress color reflects the season color. For example, If the wedding held in spring. Most brides may have their wedding theme in green. Bridesmaid dress should reflect the green color. You can choose a green color dress or wear a dress with green sash.

If the wedding held in autumn, Champagne or Gold color is wedding theme. Bridesmaid dress should reflect the champagne or gold. Summer wedding almost held on the beach or out of the country. The main sense of beach wedding is casual and romantic. Summer bridesmaid color can be light champagne or ivory with flying fabric.


Simple Short Grape Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple Short Grape Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Not only is the dress color important, the dress style is also necessary to consider seriously. Bridesmaid dress style should less formal and casual no matter what kind of wedding is. The most important thing to choose your dress style is based on your shape. Some girls who have a pair of long beautiful legs, you can wear a short length or knee length skirt to show your advantage. If you are short and don’t want to expose your legs. Ankle length or floor length bridesmaid is the best choice for short girls. Don’t wear the bridesmaid dress with train; it’s not easy for walking. Not to mention bridesmaid will help the brides on the wedding.


Speaking of body shape, Different people have different body type. The low – cut neckline is the best choice for large bust bridesmaid. If you are tall and has broader shoulders, halter neckline bridesmaid is the best option. Scoop neckline dress almost suitable for every body shape. Stay away from the strapless neckline bridesmaid dress if you have a small bust.


Cute Pleated Strapless Short Dress for Bridesmaid

Cute Pleated Strapless Short Dress for Bridesmaid

Brides should also ask the bridesmaid idea for the dress. And the bridesmaid will be very delightful after you consider lots for their dress. They will give their best wishes to you and smiling beautiful on your wedding photo.

Choose a perfect pageant dress by body shape

It’s very challenging to find a pageant dress which can flatter and enhance your. Not mention you are under pressure of nervous. A right dress not only flatter your skin, but also enhance your body shape. Here are some tips for you to find a fabulous gown by body type.


Red Backless Halter Pageant Dress with Train

Red Backless Halter Pageant Dress with Train

Different dress is flatter different body shape. Most pageant girls have a slim and long legs, but there are also many girls in short height. A vertical silhouette cut dress is very important for short length girls. With the vertical design, it makes you look longer. Don’t let the judge’s eye up on your legs, so choose the dress has embellishment on top bodice. Stay away from the dress which has a belt or sash at waistline. Make sure the dress has no decoration below your hips. A-line strapless or empire strapless gown is the perfect choice for short girls. If you are short and petite, try on sheath full length gowns.

Amazing Periwinkle Fishtail Pageant Dress

Amazing Periwinkle Fishtail Pageant Dress


If you have a big hip and legs, then you might have the pear body shape. Make sure the dress has much decoration on top bodice, like ruffles or floral on the bodice. Don’t wear halter neckline dress with colorful beads. Stay away from the trumpet pageant dress, it will make the judges has eyes on your hips and legs. For example, empire waistline with floral bodice is perfect for big hips body type. If you prefect in more formal dress, ball gown pageant gowns are the ideal choice to cover the hips and legs.

Sexy Silver Sheath Pageant Dress with Sweep Train

Sexy Silver Sheath Pageant Dress with Sweep Train


Although many girls tried to lose weight every day, but it’s also a pity if you just lose the weight on the bust, gain the weight on your waist. For most girls who have a big waist, you’d better wear the dress in column silhouette. Don’t wear A-line or Sheath gowns, it will emphasize your waist.

Empire waistline dress is the best shot for no waist girls.


Some girls who have very narrow shoulders is not very good for pageant occasion, it will make you look tiny if chosen a wrong dress. Wearing a dress with bubble sleeves in scoop neckline is the best choice. You can also wear the dress with feather or flowers at the shoulder. Don’t wear halter gown.


These guidelines are just to help you to be the winner. Because the most important to be the winner is not the dress, it’s yourself. You should confident after choosing the perfect dress and you will be the person which wearing crown finally.

How to choose a right pageant dress

It’s very difficult to fine a right dress to your pageant party. The perfect dress will highlight your personality, and help you gain on the stage. So you need to try your best to find the dress if you really care about. Here are some tips as below to help you get you perfect dress.


Attractive Halter Chiffon Pregnant Wedding Dress

Attractive Halter Chiffon Pregnant Wedding Dress

Firstly, you should make a budget. There’s no need to buy the pageant gown thousands dollars or thousands pounds. Just to choose a simple dress that can flatter you. Sometimes, more simple dress will gain more eye lights. That doesn’t means you just spent less than $50 can get the perfect dress. You should buy a dress that in reasonable price but with good quality.


Ivory Strapless Empire Flowy Wedding Dresses

Ivory Strapless Empire Flowy Wedding Dresses

Second, you should check lots of fashion magazine to know the trendy evening gowns. Every girl wants to be the winner at the stage, so choose the dress which is special is most important. The dress should make you looked stand out among all the girls.


The dress is special when you looked, but it may don’t flatter you when you wear it. Choose the dress which is special but also flattered you. All the girls on the stage are young and pretty. If you have a broad shoulders, one straps dress is the perfect choice. If you have a pair of long legs, a dress with long split at front will be perfect.


Empire Chiffon Maternity Bridal Dress With Low Back

Empire Chiffon Maternity Bridal Dress With Low Back

Don’t dress black color if the pageant is for teenagers. All the young girls are suitable for light color dress; you will be overwhelmed if wearing black dress on the stage. Choose the dress should be more trendy and chic color if the pageant is for young Miss Lady. You can also ask your mother or friends idea if you don’t know how to make decision.


You should consider the event date before you buy the gown. So you can combine your dress style with the season and mood. If this is winter pageant, choose the dress with feather element or heavy floral will enhance the theme.


Make sure the dress will make you comfortable. There will be much pressure no matter on the stage or back stage. Some pageant gown are with corset back for easy adjustment, but it will also complicated if you in hurry to take on and take off. So make sure the dress will easy get in and get off.


There’s no one dress can satisfied all the judge. Different people have different tastes with the dress. So the more important is that the dress can flatter your body shape and enhance your personality. With your confident smiling, you will be the winner!